Immersive Cuba Through the Female Eye

Havana – Trinidad – Viñales – Salsa – Rum – Cigars – Culture

Get under the skin of this fascinating country on our immersive women-powered trip. This itinerary is full of fun, with the best Cuba has to offer through the eyes of local women.

Highlights: Habana Vieja walking tour | Classic Car photography tour | Trinidad | Pastel-colored Cienfuegos | Lush Viñales | Cooking class | Female entrepreneurs & Artisans | Salsa class | Art Shows & Exhibitions | Rum tasting and cocktail making | Cigar-Coffee-Rum pairing workshop | Mafia tour | Tobacco plantation visit and cigar making class | Beach time | Rooftop dinners | Drinks included | Best Homestays available in Cuba.

Activity level: Moderate to high level of fitness is required for this trip. Expect to walk 10,000 steps a day on uneven and slippery surfaces and cobblestoned streets, climb many flights of stairs as there are no lifts anywhere in the country, dance at salsa classes and go on hikes in the countryside.

No single supplements* | All inclusive | 100% Female Powered | Photographer onboard**

*Prices per person, we pair you with another traveler, or you can upgrade to have your own room
** For Feb 2024 departure


Trip Overview

2024 Dates

  • 9 to 17 November – 1 SPOT

2025 Dates

  • 15 to 23 February
  • 15 to 23 March
  • 8 to 16 November
  • 28 December to 5 January 2026

Yummet, our local host

Payment Plan

$3,195 USD pp sharing

Max. 11 guests

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Highlights video from our previous trip

Where we will go

Day 1: Arrival in Havana and welcome dinner

Day 2: Habana Vieja and Classic car tour

Day 3: Cigars, Afro-Cuban religion and women entrepreneurs

Day 4: Viñales, salsa and farm visit

Day 5: Tobacco farm visit

Day 6: Cienfuegos, Trinidad artists and cocktails

Day 7: Cooking class, Trinidad and beach time

Day 8: Mafia tour and farewell dinner

Day 9: Departure

Please note: This trip requires a good level of fitness and mobility due to the many cobblestone streets, stairs and walking involved, and the lack of lifts in Cuba. Walking up 3-5 flights of stairs is common, as is walking on uneven surfaces and hiking.

All nationalities, including US citizens, can join our tour. US passport holders are able to join under the premise of Helping the Cuban people and we can provide necessary documentation. For this reason, we will not be staying at hotels but in a mix of hand-picked bed & breakfasts in Havana and Trinidad, and private homes in Viñales, Cienfuegos, where we will be split across several nearby Casa particulares and stay with local families.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 : Arrive in Havana

On arrival, you’ll be picked up by our private driver and taken to the hotel in Habana Vieja where you will be greeted with a welcome drink, a good opportunity to familiarise yourself with Cuba’s many famous drinks or a fab fresh juice.

Note: The pick up could be jointly with other guests arriving at a similar time.

We will meet around 5pm with the rest of the guests for a briefing and introduction and get to know each other.

Our transport will be ready to head to our evening rooftop dinner on the Malecon; think sea views and the best tunes as the sun sets over Havana. This is a great way to get into the right mood for the fantastic week ahead.

Inclusions: Welcome drink and dinner. Transports to and from dinner.

Overnight at La Posada de Chacon 3*

We have hand-picked this B&B’s in Habana Vieja after visiting dozens of properties, for their location, service, and amenities.

La Posada de Chacon is female owned, decorated with traditional colonial furniture and located in an old building in Havana very near the Capitol building. Rooms are spread on two floors and the concierge staff is extremely friendly and helpful, ready to change money, offer a drink or give recommendations.


Day 2 : Habana Vieja

Today is all about exploring Habana Vieja on foot, learning more about Cuba’s history and colonial heritage, and sampling street food, as we meet several female owned businesses and learn about their journey in Cuba’s incipient private entrepreneurship laws.

We will start our tour at our accommodation and venture into Havana’s four main squares with stops through the country’s history in a chronological manner.

Admire the incredible architecture of Old Havana and its pastel colored buildings that blend Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Neo-classical styles effortlessly and beautifully.

On the way, we will stop to sample various kinds of street food sold by street vendors, on carts in plazas and corners, or at hole-in-the-wall paladares and other casual eateries.

We will also stop at two main female owned businesses to learn more about their projects and journeys.

The first one brings together a variety of female artists and artisans selling their goods under one roof (get ready to find the cutest and most fabulous souvenirs!). You’ll find children’s books, jewelry, accessories, bags and more.

The second one is a fashion designer boutique started by three friends that sells beautiful tropical, Cuban-inspired clothing that would feel right at home in the pages of Elle magazine. We guarantee you’ll want to buy something to show off back home.

We will finish our food tour with dessert and drinks at the fashion store as we meet the founders, the sewing team, and maybe try on their beautiful clothes (Japanese inspired cape anyone?!).

If time permits, we will go back to the B&B to freshen up and get changed into fabulous clothes for the classic car tour which will continue through to sunset, for those golden hour hues.

Our 2 photographers will capture every moment of the extended 2-hour ride.

Note: On departures where there is no photographer onboard, we will hire 2 for the classic car tour portion.

We’ll cruise through Vedado, Centro Habana and beyond and see it all from the back of beautiful classic American cars that were brought into Cuba in the 1950s and 1960s.

These cars are considered national heritage and cannot be taken out of the country. Their owners painstakingly care for them and have found a way to keep them up and running in top condition despite the lack of spare parts.

After the ride, we will return to the hotel and freshen up for dinner nearby at a cool and glam local restaurant where there is always the chance to dance.

The night is young and you can venture off on your own to La Bodeguita del Medio, birth of the Cuban mojito, or to La Floridita, birthplace of the Cuban Daiquiri.

Inclusions: Breakfast at the hotel, lunch en route through several street food stops with dessert and drinks, 2-hour classic car tour with photographers, meet and greet with two female owned business owners, dinner in Old Havana.

Overnight at Posada Chacon.


Day 3 : Cuban cigars, Afro-Cuban religion and meeting local women

Today we have an exciting day filled with many uniquely Cuban cultural traditions.

We will start the day with a visit to a female owned handmade soap business that opened in 2013 just after private enterprise was made legal in Cuba. The project employs only women, most of whom are mothers, with the intention of providing them with opportunities and financial means.

The soaps and cosmetics are sold online and in some of Havana’s stores and entirely formulated by the founder and team. We will learn how soap is made and about the challenges of running a business within the limitations of the US blockade and Cuba’s private enterprise regulations.

After the visit, we will head to a female owned Afro-Cuban fashion brand with a social impact mission that is bringing back Cuba’s African heritage into the world of clothing and accessories.

We will meet with the founder and her team and learn more about her passion as well as the many social projects she started and supports as we enjoy coffee and cake.

The day continues in a pedestrian street in Havana that has been converted into a social project to honor Afro-Cuban religions.

We will be welcomed to the street by the local team and given a tour and introduction into Afro-Cuban religion, syncretism, and its origins in the Transatlantic slave past.

The tour will visit the home of a famous local artist who started the project and will end with a private Afro-Cuban performance with dancing, music and singing.

We will enjoy an Afro-Cuban lunch freshly prepared by the female chef in the private home of the project’s founder. Expect lots of delicious dishes that you can sample, family-style

The best is yet to come in the afternoon, when we will enjoy a private Maridaje, a cigar pairing workshop with Cuban rum and coffee, in an exclusive mansion that will be reserved just for us.

The experience will be led by Cuba’s only female cigar sommelier, a fascinating, fun and extremely knowledgeable woman who has succeeded in what is an entirely male dominated world.

The workshops will start with an introduction to the various kinds of Cuban cigars and how they are made. We will then learn to light a cigar and enjoy it, on its own or with coffee and Cuban rum.

The evening will be accompanied by a cigar rolling demonstration, and a singer and violinist will bring Cuba’s most famous songs to live in what is sure to be one of the most memorable parts of the trip.

Play a game of dominos, chill in the plush sofas, sing and dance in the patio, or just take it all in. This is one for the books.

Note: Smoking a cigar is an optional part of the experience.

In the early evening, we will return to our hotel and head out to dinner at a female owned restaurant in the city center. This one is an institution, and one of the first women-owned restaurants to open.

Inclusions: Breakfast at the hotel, visit to two female owned projects, Maridaje (cigar workshop and pairing with rum and coffee), Afro-Cuban tour and lunch, dinner at a female owned restaurant, transportation in a minibus.

Overnight at Posada Chacon.


Day 4 : Viñales, salsa and farm visit

Driving time: 3.5 hours.

Today, we will leave Havana behind and move to the countryside town of Viñales with its idyllic landscapes and karst-like hills that have become such an image of this agricultural part of the country.

Viñales national park is a protected area that is also UNESCO listed and the bread basket of Cuba. Here, you can find all sorts of vegetables and fruits being grown as well as tobacco plantations and mysterious caves.

We leave Havana in the morning and drive towards Viñales with a stop for lunch at a female owned paladar with the best views where we will sample the local delicacies and, hopefully, her amazing ropa vieja.

We will then continue towards Vinales and arrive in time for check in to our casas particulares and then head out into town for a walking orientation tour.

Viñales is a favorite among visitors and locals for its laid back atmosphere, many salsa bars and lush surroundings. You will immediately feel at ease and relaxed.

After the tour, we will head to our salsa lesson, it is time to get your moves on and become a pro of this Cuban rhythm. We will follow a local female salsa dancing teacher and practice what we learn later on tonight at a local bar with live salsa music.

After the class, there will be a bit of free time for you to explore Vinales on your own and maybe do some souvenir shopping before we continue our day to a local female owned organic farm.

The farm is led by the charismatic and extremely bubbly Rachel and her family.

Still in her early 30s, Rachel has been recognised by several awards and nominations as a pioneer farmer and female entrepreneur and was even invited to the White House by president Obama as part of a delegation of Caribbean female entrepreneurs.

Without any farming or business experience, Rachel opened her organic farm with the help of her father and sells her vegetables / fruits in the local markets.

We will help out in the farm, as little or as much as you like, side by side with the local team, pulling weeds, ploughing or helping with the animals, whatever is needed on the day, as we learn more about organic farming and life in rural Cuba.

Her and her team will share a delicious home cooked meal with us, and a glass of their famous herbal drink with rum which we will enjoy as the sun goes down over Viñales in what is probably the best view in town.

For NYE departure only: We will enjoy a NYE dinner celebration at Rachel’s and then head into town to dance the night away.

Inclusions: Breakfast at the hotel, transportation, lunch at a female owned restaurant, guided tour of Viñales, salsa class, farm visit and dinner.

Overnight at Casas particulares

There are no privately owned B&Bs in Viñales of the standard and size needed to accommodate all guests so the group will be split into 3-4 nearby local family homes in the comfort category.

All the rooms will be spacious, have twin bedding (or double in cases of single bookings), AC, hair driers, towels, and offer cooked breakfast.

Day 5 : Tobacco farm and Cienfuegos

Driving time: 4-5 hours.

We will start the day early and head out for a hike around the UNESCO listed natural park of Viñales, a protected area that can only be cultivated following organic practices and without any machinery.

The area around Viñales is known for its karst-like landscapes that give way to many hidden caves, its tobacco plantations and many other agricultural activities.

Our hike will be led by a local female guide, one of only two in the park, who will guide us through nature and point at the various plants, fruits and landscapes. Look out for pineapples!

After our maridaje in Havana, today is the time to learn more about how this plant is grown and how cigars are rolled by the hand of a local farming family.

We will start at the drying hut where the tobacco leaves are hanged to dry after they have been picked and learn all about how the crop is grown.

Moving on to the farm, we will see how the leaves are turned into cigars and see them being rolled in front of our eyes. Pick one to smoke and see how a freshly rolled cigar tastes. You can also try guava rum that the same family prepares and sells.

We will also learn about coffee plantations, also typical of Viñales, and other locally grown crops, by visiting a coffee plantation and seeing how the beans are grown and harvested. Taste a cup of freshly ground and brewed coffee and buy some if you’d like.

After our hike and visit, there will be time to purchase cigars to take home. Local farmers have to hand over 90% of their production to the state but can keep 10% for themselves, as own consumption or to sell.

We will then return to the casas to collect our luggage and head out for the day.

We have a long day of driving ahead which will be split by a stop for lunch at a female owned paladar where we will sample local delicacies and have THE best views in the valley.

We will continue the journey on the largely empty roads of Cuba towards the south and arrive at the town of Cienfuegos in the early evening.

Our accommodation for the night is similar to that in Viñales, in private female owned homes.

We will check in before sharing a dinner feast in the patio of the house of a local woman who will cook another unforgettable meal for us.

Cienfuegos is a rather small village. If you are up for it, there are plenty of bars with live music to enjoy.

Inclusions: Breakfast at the casa, guided hike, coffee plantation and tobacco farm visit, lunch at a female owned paladar, transportation from Viñales to Cienfuegos, dinner at a local house.

Overnight at Casas particulares

There are no privately owned B&Bs in Cienfuegos of the standard and size needed to accommodate all guests so the group will be split into 3-4 nearby local family homes in the comfort category.

All the rooms will be spacious, have twin bedding (or double in cases of single bookings), AC, hair driers, towels, and offer cooked breakfast.

Day 6 : Cienfuegos and Trinidad

Driving time: 1 hour.

Since we did not have much time to visit Cienfuegos the night before, we will have some free time this morning to wander the pastel colores streets after an orientation walk with our host.

Cienfuegos is a paired down, smaller but much better preserved (and newer) version of Habana Vieja.

Its facades are often in pristine condition, the paint is largely freshly painted and the streets have been choreographed to look like they came out of a fairytale.

After some free time to take those Instagrammable pictures, we will visit a palace located in the posh part of Cienfuegos.

This stunning property and go up to the rooftop terrace for views over the peninsula it sits on and the coast on Cienfuegos. We will have a drink on the rooftop bar and enjoy the sea views before leaving Cienfuegos behind and continuing towards Trinidad.

Trinidad, one of Cuba’s most famous cities, is in the south of the country and is the heart of Cuba’s handicraft industry.

We will check into our female owned B&B which is located right in the middle of the town, and then walk to lunch at an upscale restaurant in the city center.

Our time in Trinidad will start with an orientation walk and we will then continue to the house of a local artist who will tell us all about her project and style.

Her paintings are inspired by colonial times and she likes to combine painting with crochet, a Trinidad favorite souvenir and art form. Her paintings are colorful and her technique is uniquely hers.

We will then have a bit of free time to wander the cobblestone streets of Trinidad and maybe buy some souvenirs.

The town is known for the many art galleries, stores and artisanal work, from crochet to clothing, jewelry to fashion, and art of all kinds.

In the evening, we will meet again for a rum tasting and cocktail making class where we will learn how to make all of Cuba’s famous rum-based cocktails: Mojito, Cuba Libre, Piña Colada, Daiquiri and Canchanchara (typical of Trinidad).

Dinner will follow and this time, we will share it at a bit more upscale restaurants rather than a local home.

The night is always young in Trinidad and live salsa music and dancing is available at every corner. As our B&B is centrally located, you can stay up till late and dance the night away to the sound of local rhythms, you now know how!

Inclusions: Breakfast at the casa, orientation walk in Cienfuegos, transportation to Trinidad, lunch and walking tour of Trinidad, visit to a local female artist, rum tasting and cocktail making class, dinner at an upscale local restaurant.

Overnight at Hostal Lola

Hostal Lola is a female owned B&B located in the center of Trinidad, within walking distance to all of the town’s attractions.

Rooms are spacious and split over two floors of this grand house that is decorated with traditional furniture from the town’s colonial past.

Breakfast is served in a breezy patio flanked by bright bougainvillea flowers and the owner’s art pieces dot the property, adding color and personality to Trinidad’s preserved historical center.


Day 7 : Trinidad

Today is a day to relax and enjoy Trinidad at your own pace.

We will have a late start, so you can enjoy the salsa dancing the night before or go shopping in town, and then visit a local market by the hand of our chef.

We will pick up some groceries and then head to the kitchen for a cooking class of popular Cuban dishes you can recreate at home.

This is your chance to learn how to cook those delicious lobster dishes, the famous Cuban ropa vieja dish, the malanga fritters or any other dish, at the home of a Trinidadian woman.

We will also make some canchancharas to accompany the cooking and the lunch, and prepare a meal together.

We will enjoy our creations for lunch and the afternoon will be free for you to do as you please, with an optional drop off at the nearby Ancon Beach, one of the nicest beaches in this part of Cuba.

Ancon Beach has sun loungers, coconut sellers, people selling drinks and thatched umbrellas to laze around and read a book. We’ve had a few packed days so this is your chance to relax.

In town, go shopping for beautiful souvenirs, crochet clothing pieces of table cloths, art, paintings and handicrafts, all of which are locally produced.

Trinidad is known for its artisans and this is your chance to find what you are looking for at better prices than in Havana.

We will meet back again at dinner for a treat at a romantic pastel yellow restaurant with an outdoor terrace. Live salsa is always playing!

Our last night in Trinidad is your chance for one more salsa evening.

Inclusions: Breakfast at the hotel, cooking class and lunch, dinner at a restaurant in town, optional drop off at Ancon Beach.

Overnight at Hostal Lola.

Day 8 & 9 : Mafia tour and farewell dinner

Driving time: 4-5 hours.

We will depart Trinidad early and drive back to Havana with packed lunch en route.

When we arrive in Havana, we will check into our lovely and fabulous B&Bs in the upscale area of Vedado and head out for our fascinating Mafia tour.

Cuba became a popular destination for Americans during the ruling of Bautista, who welcomed casinos and mobsters to the island at the time when the Prohibition turned the US into a dry territory.

The Mafia accumulated obscene wealth and used Cuba to launder all their profits, as illustrated in movies such as The Godfather, while tourists basked in the country’s sunshine and free flowing rum.

In 1946, one of the most important gatherings of mobsters congregated all the heads at the Hotel Nacional where they split regions and profits and agreed on who would do what.

Out tour will follow the events that led to Cuba being at the center of the mob and its demise and will end at El Nacional for a drink at the bar, surrounded by pictures of all the famous celebrities, politicians and mafia leaders who passed by its doors.

As is common in Cuba, there will most likely be live music so you can practice all the salsa moves you learned.

Our farewell dinner will be at one of the coolest and most hip rooftop restaurants in Havana.

Under the twinkling lights and above a sprawling art and music warehouse that hosts changing and evolving exhibitions by all sorts of local designers, artists, musicians and more, we will share one last meal.

After dinner, we will head downstairs to La Fabrica de Arte Cubano where you can enjoy several unique spaces showcasing art and music of all genres accompanied by drinks.

Inclusions: Breakfast at the hotel, packed lunch en route, mafia tour with a drink at El Nacional, farewell dinner with drinks, entry ticket to Fabrica de Arte.

On day 9, you will depart after breakfast (included). Your airport transfer is not included, but our host, or the hotel, can help you organize it.

Overnight at ArteHotel and similar

Our last night in Havana will be spent at the beautiful ArteHotel, owned by a Cuban female actress and her Spanish husband, who live onsite.

The hotel is split into several levels with a beautiful rooftop terrace and themed rooms that follow the various arts genres, from poetry to film or music.

Each room is individually decorated with bright colorful pieces that contrast agains the muted background, and have quotes from the artist that inspired them.

Depending on the number of guests, we will all be staying at ArteHotel or be split between the hotel and nearby upscale B&B of the same quality standards. Breakfast will be held together.


About Your Host, Yummet

Yummet is a former English teacher turned guide who is passionate about her country and about female empowerment.

She got her English teacher degree in 2011 and her master’s degree in Educational Leadership given by the Loyola University of Chicago in 2011. After 15 years teaching, attracted by the aviation world, she took a job at the international airport Jose Marti. There, she trained pilots and air traffic controllers in the ATC communications. In the cockpit of Cuba’s planes she traveled to England and Canada. It was a wonderful experience!

In 2009, she was invited to participate in a workshop on English for Specific purposes in Bayonne by Cubana Airlines but she needed to study French first, so in the 3 years before that, she got her advanced French degree.

Yummet became a guide in 2014 attracted by the financial prospects and the opportunities to meet new cultures. She confesses to being more curious about the world out of Cuba after travelling to other countries.

Her first experience as a guide was working for a government travel agency which specialized in People to People programs for Americans. She became an experienced leader in Western culture and the relations between Cuba and the USA until one day she realized there was a whole world of new things to learn from other cultures and contexts and she decided to join a privately owned travel company.

This is the new Yummet now: a successful woman, wife, and mother of an 12-year-old boy. A female trying to stand up in a very competitive profession that turns twice as difficult in a context where men are more benefitted. A female leader with the intention of making female clients feel comfortable in Cuba, learn a bit about the Cuban culture, and see what the books can’t show. She can’t wait to meet you!

Guest feedback

Miranda – I am on route from the first Cuba trip. It was a once in a lifetime experience. Everything was so thoughtfully selected and planned. We met great women who are working to achieve great things, saw beautiful places, did amazing activities and ate and drank delicious food and drinks.

The SFT’s objective of supporting and empowering locals and women was key in planning every activity. I am very happy that I was part of this tour and definitely will join in future as well.

Thank you Mar and Yummet for amazing experience

Shawna – Such an amazing experience. The country was beautiful but in addition to that the people you meet make it so memorable- everyone is so kind and welcoming.

If you’re looking for the best tour company that provides you with an amazing experience, it’s Solo Female Travelers. I just went to Cuba with them and it was so informative of the current culture and its history with plenty of beautiful sites and delicious food. My favorite thing about the experiences Meg and Mar put together is that it’s all about the females of course – female tour guides, female business owners, and female travelers! Cuba is my second trip with them – safari in Tanzania was my first, and looking forward to #3! Cannot stress more how much I recommend SFT for a life changing time.

Cady – Just got back from exploring Cuba! I want to share that this experience ignited my soul, expanded my knowledge, and rejuvenated my love for all people in the world.

Once in a life time experience.
A unique and empowering way to travel a country while supporting women owned businesses!
The food, All the Rum,
The Views, La gente, the knowledge learned, it’s all worth it! Do it!!!

Our Tour Guides:
Yumet & Ania were amazing

Melissa – I just spent a wonderful week in Cuba, organized by Solo Female Travelers. Every detail was taken care of by them and our amazing guide, Yummet. We had very comfortable accommodations and a variety of delicious food/drinks, from high-end restaurants to local farm-to-table establishments. The activities were a blast, too! Of course we visited Havana, but also ventured into the farming valley of Viñales, and the seaside cities Cienfuegos and Trinidad. I loved traveling with other female travelers, and it was so rewarding to meet local people (and support local women!). I highly recommend this travel company, as well as this incredible tour to Cuba.

Frances – What an experience it was in Cuba! Going to support the locals, especially the women who accomplish so much through community projects, their craft, and their businesses, was such a meaningful to way to engage in the culture.

Of course, I have to mention: the delicious food and drinks, the fun activities, and the beautiful sights across the country.

Yummet is THE best! Thanks SFT & Mar for this ❤️

Lisa – I chose Solo Female Travelers for my first solo trip due to their positive online reviews, being a small group tour and it having a meaningful purpose in that we would be supporting the local Cuban people, especially women.

I can’t put into words how incredible this trip was from beginning to end – lodging (casas), planned activities, food, fellow female travelers, and the Cuban people.

Our guide, Yummet, was amazing! Her passion, knowledge, and enthusiasm for her country was contagious. She had us see, through a woman’s eyes, how life in Cuba works under a completely different government and it is something that I will never forget.

If you are thinking of visiting Cuba, or taking a tour with Solo Female Travelers – run, don’t walk, to sign up. You will be happy you did.

Brandi – I recently returned from my second trip (Tanzania and now Cuba) with Solo Female Travelers and I’m still in awe. This group really goes above and beyond when planning their trips. All the details are taken care of from arrival to departure. We learned so much about the Cuban culture, history, and way of life and had fun doing it. Knowing we are supporting and encouraging other woman makes it so much more special. On top of all the memories made were a few new friendships.

I can’t wait to start planning my next adventure!

Ginny – I had a fantastic time on the Cuba trip with Solo Female Travelers. The itinerary was packed with meaningful stops, centering on women-owned businesses. Everything was top notch – the hotels were beautiful, food was delicious and plentiful, and the guide was the best. I didn’t know any of my fellow travelers when we began, but by the end of the trip I felt like I made good friends that shared this great experience with me. It was a dream trip, one I will always remember. If you are thinking of going on any of their trips, don’t hesitate – do it!


✔️ 8 Nights in shared twin or single accommodation in a mix of casas particulares and premium bed & breakfasts

✔️ All meals: 8 breakfasts, 7 lunches and 8 dinners.

✔️ Alcoholic drinks and water during all meals. Water in the minibus

✔️ Rum-based drinks during multiple activities maridaje, Afro-Cuban religion, tour of Trinidad, cocktail making workshop, Mafia tour.

✔️ Airport pick up

✔️ Female Cuban host for the duration of the trip

✔️ Local female guide in Viñales

✔️ Connection, chat and exchange with 6 female business owners

✔️ Entry tickets to all activities listed when required

✔️ Private activities: Salsa class, rum tasting and cocktail making workshop, organic farm visit, tobacco farm visit, Afro-Cuban tour, Maridaje (cigar tasting and pairing), mafia tour, classic car tour

✔️ Transportation for the duration of the trip in private minibus

✔️ Tips for drivers, restaurant and bar staff, female business owners, artists, etc.

✔️ For US passport holders, documentation required to comply with travel requirements


✘ Transportation from hotel to airport on departure day

✘ Visa (Tourist card), required for everyone.

✘ Travel & Medical Insurance (Required)

✘ Souvenirs

✘ Tips for the Guide and driver, at your discretion. Guideline: 50-100 EUR / USD for the guide and 25-50 for the driver.

✘ Optional activities not included in the program that you book yourself

Payment Info

Prices starting at

$3,395 USD

Payment Plan:

  • Deposit: 30% non refundable deposit to reserve your spot
  • Balance payment due 90 days before departure

*The initial deposit is refundable if the minimum number of guests is not reached. By joining our trips you agree to our T&C.

The Solo Female Travelers difference – What makes us unique

All our tours follow the same values and philosophy that makes us who we are which you can find here. In Cuba, two aspects set us apart from others: Our accommodation and the genuine support for and time spent with Cuban women.

Most tours to Cuba that cater to all passports (including the US), stay at private homes throughout the tour, we will stay at a mix of private homes in Viñales and Cienfuegos, and premium B&B in Havana and Trinidad, where we will enjoy a higher level of comfort, a great location in Old Havana, the help of a 24h concierge (foreign currency exchange, help with recommendations, etc.), WiFi and minimal stairs!

Our tour will spend time supporting and amplifying women led projects. We will meet with 6 different entrepreneurs, artists, and business owners and several other women who will show us their Cuba and share their struggles and achievements with us. Forge new connections and understand the very unique Cuban reality through their eyes.

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IMPORTANT: The nature of food alternatives and the many experiences we have in people’s homes make vegan and vegetarian diets repetitive and severe food allergies impossible to accommodate. Please reach out to us to discuss your dietary needs before booking.

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