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We empower women through travel with curated, small group tours to extraordinary destinations while supporting local female-owned or led businesses.

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The trip was truly an experience of a lifetime! The itinerary, accommodations, guides – everything was no less than perfect. I cannot imagine pulling a trip like this off on my own. It exceeded my expectations in every aspect!

Irina – Tanzania Value

Highly recommend any solo females to join the trip. I just got back from Iceland for a one week vacation, what a trip! The trip leader Saga was wonderful & pleasant. The itinerary was excellent. The accommodations were extremely lovely. They took all my travel stress away. I just need to sit back & relax & enjoy the trip!! Cant wait for the next trip!!! Thank you!

Jin, Iceland Wellness & Wilderness

10/10 This trip was incredible! I went on the Barcelona & Costa Brava trip with a group of amazing ladies, lead by the most wonderful tour guide Adriana. From the food, the wine, the excursions, and the hotels, everything was beyond my expectations. Worth every penny! Mar was so helpful all year leading up to the trip and made me feel prepared for the trip! If you want to see the world but need a little help navigating your trip the Solo Female Travel programs are an amazing way to go!

Katherine, Barcelona & Costa Brava

Best trip ever! Mar and Meg created a wonderful experience in Tanzania. The lodgings were fantastic, the people so friendly. My first safari and it was just so great. Never thought I’d have wonderful massages in the Serengeti but I had that along with beautiful sunsets and lots of wine after a long day looking for elephants and lions!

Shawna, Tanzania Luxe

One of my favourite trips, as a Muslim women I was respected and treated like royalty. I was recommended and taken to places to pray, ensured that I was given halal food even though I am not a huge meat eater. My guide Glory was friendly and funny and as a person who is scared of spiders and insects my guide took care of that. She also made my dream come true with not only climbing Kili but also getting to see hyenas during the safari extension.

Zarina, Kilimanjaro

I have been on two trips with the group so far and have had a good time and made new friends. The accommodations and itinerary are as advertised and the organizers are very open to receiving feedback. The community and vibe on the trips is warm and friendly for every trip and I’ve made friends that I will keep in touch with!

Michelle, Tanzania Luxe

I traveled to Barcelona & the Costa Brava with Solo Female Travelers, and it was a great experience! For my first international solo trip it was great to have all the things the group offers: private transfers between locations, AMAZING meals at the best restaurants, a knowledgable local tour guide (hi Ariadna!), and visits to places off the beaten path that you wouldn’t even know about if you had planned the trip yourself. An unexpected benefit of traveling with a group: I unfortunately became ill, but I felt safe and taken care by Mar and the rest of the group. Mar even delivered Churros & Hot Chocolate to my hotel room so I wouldn’t miss the experience! I definitely am planning to travel with Solo Female Travelers Club again… highly recommend!!

Laura, Barcelona & Costa Brava

I just returned from a safari trip to Tanzania and Zanzibar. The entire trip exceeded my expectations from the detailed planning and packing lists to the amazing animals we saw on the safari to the hot water bottles in our tents at night and morning coffee delivered by the amazing camp staff. The guides especially Glory Thobias were knowledgeable and went to extremes to make sure our experience was an unforgettable one, she knew the best spots to find the wildlife and had amazing driving skills. We were lucky enough to have a group of ladies in our group who were strangers when we met who meshed perfectly which enhanced the trip even more. Would recommend the hot air balloon ride which was optional and amazing. Also recommend the spice farm tour and cooking class in Zanzibar which was a great and unique experience. The only problem now is how do I top that on my next vacation, it will be very hard to beat. Special thanks to Mar also for the amazing planning.

Angela, Tanzania Value

I attended the Solo Female Travelers Tuscany tour from June 25 – July 3, 2022. What an amazing adventure that was filled with intimate experiences that were arranged specifically for the tour group. It was so well organized and I appreciated having a vacation where every detail was planned that accentuated so much of the culture. Having never visited Italy before, I know I could never have experienced the depth of culture and the knowledge of the region that was shared by all of the local guides and places the tour took us. I will most certainly book another trip with SFT!

Angie, Florence & Tuscany

This was my first solo/group travel experience, and it exceeded my expectations in every way. Everything was so well planned and thoughtful. The size of the group was perfect — and I really felt like I was getting an insider’s look at Iceland, not like a tourist. The other travelers in our group were so open and friendly – we became fast friends even though we were all from different places, different ages and at different life stages. If you are worried about touring with people you don’t know, don’t be – the vibe is super casual and accepting, and you’ll feel right at home. It really was the perfect trip, and I can’t wait to go on another one!

Kristina, Iceland

Iceland is a magical place. I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the country and the people. I embarked on the trip just hoping I could make it through my first solo trip and came home feeling more whole and empowered then I thought possible!

Guest, Iceland Wellness & Wilderness

I just came back from the Tanzania value tour, after having already joined the tour to Iceland back in October. I can highly recommend both tours. Every single day was a highlight. There is nothing i would change about the itinerary, accommodation or food.

Jenni, Iceland Wellness & Wilderness and Tanzania Value

Climbing Kilimanjaro is the best thing I’ve done in my life. You feel like such a sense of accomplishment. I highly recommend it, you’ll feel so proud of yourself at the end. Glory is amazing and she does a great job at guiding the pace.

Shelly, Kilimanjaro

I returned from the Barcelona/Costa Brava trip a couple of weeks ago. What a fantastic experience! Mar and Ariadne were excellent, accommodating, and knowledgeable guides. They’re very generous and go out of their way to make sure all is well. The itinerary, hotels, and especially the food were all wonderful. I loved the balance between days in Barcelona and the small villages and other places that you’re less likely to visit on your own. Go early and/or stay late to see more of Barcelona—there’s so much to see and do. I highly recommend Mar’s and Meg’s tours. And I love the company’s philosophy of promoting employment opportunities for women in each of the countries they visit.

Maya, Barcelona & Costa Brava

Words cannot describe what this trip to Florence and Tuscany meant to me with Solo Female Travellers Group. It was a wonderful experience with a beautiful group of women from various countries. Our tour organizer Mar, was a pleasure to be with during the trip and helped us with all of our questions and anything that needed accommodation. Anyone we met for that matter was very generous, kind and helpful. The itinerary was superb and curated ever so nicely for a cultured experience of the region; from driving through it’s landscape, visiting medieval villages and hearing about their history, learning about wine, olive oil, cheese (and eating it!), going truffle hunting and cooking in a local kitchen to make a meal from scratch to enjoy. The list is endless but has filled me with precious memories for years to come. Just book it!

Rossanna, Florence & Tuscany

I just completed my first tour with SFTT to Iceland and can truly say it was a life changing experience. Everything from the destination itself, our itinerary, our amazing guide Saga, and last but certainly not least the amazing group of women I was with made this an adventure I will never forget! When they say it’s a luxury tour, it truly felt that way. I have booked 2 more tours and can’t wait to see what’s in store. Highly recommend!

Tiffany, Iceland Wellness & Wilderness

Solo travel is very intimating but this is exactly what I needed to take the step to travel alone! This trip made me feel confident that I can actually explore the world safely while meeting new people and having one in a lifetime experiences.

Jasmine, Tanzania Value

I just finished the Tuscany tour and I have to say it was one of the best times of my life! We got to experience so many unique experiences and see so much on this trip! Don’t get me started on all the amazing food this trip provides. I can’t recommend this travel group enough!

Rita, Florence & Tuscany

Glory made me feel very safe; she is so knowledgeable about animals and loved to share this with us. This trip confirmed that I want to have a career around animals. Being on a women-only tour made me feel very comfortable, like we were sisters

Elena, Tanzania Value

It’s difficult to put into words how wonderful this trip to Iceland was. Truly one of the best experiences to date for a single traveler. The way in which Saga and the rest of the women on the tour interacted and opened themselves up to this beautiful country was magical. I’m so grateful this organization supports and empowers women travelers. Thank you!

Guest, Iceland Wellness & Wilderness

SFTC was super easy to work with and easily accessible in times of need! I climbed KILIMANJARO with the most amazing group of women, supported by an equally amazing group of women (and some men) on National Woman’s Day!! The hike was led by Glory Thobias, accompanied by Makeri and Rehema. Glory is a true leader! She was always in control, always smiling, and so connected to everyone everywhere! Makeri and Rehema were so fun and motivated us all the way to the top! It was the trip of a lifetime! Sign up for the next trip and post your picture at the top when you get there!!

Michelle, Kilimanjaro

I was expecting to use my binocular all the time but animals were so close, it was euphoric. I made so many good friends. Glory is a superhero, she is so passionate about women in Tanzania moving forward in roles that were meant for men. She also made me laugh so much my face hurt. I never thought I would enjoy group tours as a solo female traveler but I will now highly recommend others go on a group tour with other women

Sydney, Tanzania Value

I would highly recommend! The tours organised by Solo Female Travelers Club are worth every penny!
I just came from Barcelona & Costa Brava tour and it was life changing! We visited many hidden gems, not only the well known landmarks (those everyone can visit on their own). It’s undescribable how fantastic the people were, how well the tour was organised, how amazing hotels, food and drinks were and how passionate and kind-hearted our guide Ariadna was. Meeting other travelling women and listening to their stories was magical and I’m sure we’ve all ended the trip as a family. I would rate it 11/10 if I could.
The tour greatly exceeded my expectations and most likely I will travel with SFTC again in the future!

Izzy, Barcelona & Costa Brava

The trip to Tanzania was a fantastic experience! It was so memorable and unique, and I strongly recommend it to everyone. Tanzania is beautiful! On Safari, we saw so many animals up close; the scenery was breathtaking, and the local guides were amazing; a special shout-out to Glory and Harry. Mar and Meg did a terrific job preparing us for the trip and answering all our questions. Hakuna Matata and go ahead and book your trip to Tanzania!

Marta, Tanzania Value

My trip to Barcelona with Solo Female Travelers was excellent! Mar and Ariadna were amazing guides, the food was excellent and we really got to experience things that were local and felt special. I’m headed to Greece next year and can’t wait to go on even more trips with this fabulous tour company!

Melanie, Barcelona & Costa Brava

Went to their inaugural Tuscany tour this June and it was a lovely experience! Apart from seeing some highlights of the region, we had several experiences prepared for us that would have been almost impossible to achieve as an actual solo traveler with no personal connections in the region. I truly felt immersed in the beauty of Tuscany. The food was also amazing and almost too much (but we never turn down dessert!). I am so happy to have gone with women looking for a similar immersive experience and now have several wonderful new friends. I highly recommend joining this Tuscany tour with SFT and would love to join another one of their tours in the future.

Noelle, Florence & Tuscany

I would highly recommend Solo Female Travelers Club for their travel tours. I just returned from the Barcelona/Costa Brava trip. It was excellent. The accommodations were spacious. The food was more than you could ask for. I really enjoyed seeing places that were a bit more off the tourist grid. I wouldn’t have even known to visit some of these places and they were well worth the trips. Sometimes I would have wanted a little bit more free time, however, I really appreciate not having to do all the planning and just going along for the ride. Mar made the trip stressless. If you are looking for a tour that is a bit more high end, this will meet your expectations.

Alexia, Barcelona & Costa Brava

Mar and Meg are absolutely amazing and accommodating! They were able to be agile with our requests while still providing AMAZING service and ensuring an immersion into the Culture of Africa/Maasai/Zanzibar people. Would greatly recommend!!! You can never go wrong with SFT group nor the tour operators. Huge Shout Out to Glory Thobias!!!

Bekah, Tanzania Value

The organisation was really great: there were no issues, no delays, no need to worry about anything, amazing locations for dinners, everything booked and taken care of in advance. I felt very relaxed, comfortable, welcomed, taken care of, entertained, well-fed, well-nourished and absolutely at ease 100% of the time. And we had so much fun with our local guide Saga: I feel like it was the coolest summer camp of my childhood – but in a more luxurious setting!

Elena, Iceland Wellness & Wilderness

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