Magical Egypt

Cairo – Aswan – Abu Simbel – Luxor – Nile River – Siwa Oasis – Gastronomy – Deserts

Come on a journey through rivers, deserts, oasis and ancient civilizations of past and present Egypt. We will uncover old traditions, and discuss modern life in this fascinating, contradictory and bewildering country by the hand of local women and the country’s most incredible historical and natural spots.

Highlights: Giza Pyramids | Saqqara | Cairo Markets | Mummies | Philae Temple | Valley of the Kings | Luxor and Karnak Temples | Abu Simbel | Nile River | Quad biking | Nile Boat trips | Siwa Oasis Salt Lakes and Thermal Springs | Hot air ballon | Quads | Food tour | High tea | Luxury Hotels

Activity level: Moderate level of fitness and a high level of stamina is required for this trip. Expect to walk 10,000-15,000 steps a day on uneven surfaces, up / down stairs, sandy paths and busy sights. Days are long and busy and we will cover long distances by road so you you should expect to spend several hours in the mini-bus and wake up early 4-5 days for long drives, hot air balloon rides or flights

Shared or single rooms* | 14 spots

*Prices per person, we pair you with another traveler, or you can upgrade to have your own room


Trip Overview


  • 1 to 10 November 2024 / 1 to 13 November (with Siwa) – Photographer onboard – CONFIRMED


  • 12 to 21 April, 2025 / 12 to 24 April 2025 (with Siwa)

Isis, our local Egyptologist

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From 4,695 USD pp sharing

Max. 14 guests

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Highlights video from our previous trip

Where we will go

Our trip will visit Ancient Egypt’s most important sites and spend time in the desert and the Nile River, while also getting to know modern Egypt

Day 1: Arrival in Cairo and welcome dinner

Day 2: Mummies, Culture and Food in Cairo

Day 3: Giza Pyramids & Saqqara

Day 4: Fly to Abu Simbel

Day 5: Fly to Aswan, Boat ride in the conservation area, Henna party and High tea

Day 6: Philae Temple and Drive to Luxor

Day 7: Optional Desert Quad tour and Karnak & Luxor Temples

Day 8: Optional hot air balloon ride, Luxor’s Valley of Kings and Hatshepsut’s Temple and fly to Cairo

Day 9: Old Cairo, Bazaars and female leaders

Day 10: Departure day / Drive to Siwa Oasis and sunset on Shali Fortress

Day 11: Siwa Oasis salt lakes, Hot springs and Oracle

Day 12: Desert safari and return to Cairo

Day 13: Final departure

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 : Arrive in Cairo

Upon arrival into the airport, our local representative will meet you and escort you through the visa process and luggage collection. Your private driver will be waiting before immigration to help you through.

We will meet around 3pm with the rest of the guests for a welcome briefing at sunset followed by a welcome dinner with pyramids view.

Inclusions: Welcome pre-dinner drink and dinner with Pyramids view.

Overnight at Mena House 5*

Mena House is a historical hotel and the only luxury hotel located by the famous Giza Pyramids.

The oldest part of the resort used to be the residence of the King and the rooms are all located around sprawling gardens.

The highlight of this hotel is its location and breakfast views of the pyramids which is something you will never tire of and will most certainly not want to miss!

Tip: If you land early in the morning, you can enjoy the hotel’s spa and pool area.


Day 2 : Cairo City and Walking Food Tour

Driving time: 2 hours
Walking time: 5 hours

Today is a cultural day which will immerse us into daily life in Cairo. We will start the day off with another amazing breakfast with pyramids view and will then head over to Old Cairo city center and explore on foot, through its food.

Our first stop will be at the newly opened National Egyptian Museum of Civilizations (NMEC), home to many artefacts from Egypt’s history and 20 pharaonic mummies and their sarcophagus.

Egypt’s main mummies were officially moved to this new museum at the start of 2022, in a much publicised parade that took them from the Egyptian Museum to the newly build room in the NMEC. We will have a short guided visit with our guide and then have free time to visit the mummies in a specially built space.

This maze of black underground rooms in the museum takes visitors on a journey through the country’s most famous pharaohs.

After the museum, we will stop at the old Egyptian Museum, a literal treasure trove of artefacts, pieces of temples and the largest collection of Ancient Egyptian art with hundreds of thousands of pieces on display and in storage.

However, we think it is much better to see what has been preserved and is in the many temples we’ll visit during the trip so our stop at the Egyptian Museum will focus on one element only: Tuttankhamun exhibit, where we will marvel at everything that was found when his tomb was discovered.

Note: If the Tuttankhamun exhibit has moved to the Grand Egyptian Museum, we will visit it at that one instead.

We will continue our day with a walking food tour of old Cairo’s where we will get the chance to walk the city center and immerse ourselves in the city’s chaotic but fascinating streets.

Most visitors to Egypt never set foot in old Cairo, besides the popular stops at the Khan El Khalili Bazaar and the other monuments. We want you to experience what this buzzing metropolis, one of the largest in the world, has to offer, so we will spend one afternoon and evening exploring on foot.

The tour will last about 6 hours and will be guided by expert food guides. We will start at Tahrir Square and walk through many streets and alleys.

We will make 10 stops at locally owned, often unassuming, food and drink outlets and shops around the area and learn about Cairo’s many anecdotes, street murals, stories and details of daily life.

This is as much a food tour as it is a culture tour where and we will hear about Egypt’s coffee culture, spices, juices, and of course, its most traditional dishes such as bread, falafel, foul or koshary.

We will taste a variety of foods and finish off at the rooftop of an Art Deco hotel overlooking the city.

After a drink, we will return to the hotel.

Inclusions: Breakfast at the hotel, entry tickets to the Civilizations Museum and to the Egyptian Museum, all transportation, walking food tour for lunch and dinner.

Overnight at Mena House.

Day 3 : Giza Pyramids and Saqqara

Driving time: Less than 2 hours
Walking time: 2 hours

Today we will explore Egypt’s most famous site: The Giza Pyramids, located right outside the hotel’s gate.

These are the largest pyramids constructed in ancient Egypt and are more than 5,000 years old.

Jointly, they are inscribed as a UNESCO world heritage site and were one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Today, they are a synonymous with Egypt and a popular place for photographs.

We will start our visit in Saqqara, the burial ground of Egyptian royalty and necropolis of Memphis, the ancient Egyptian capital.

This is where the oldest stone building complex was constructed and where the famous stepped pyramid is located.

Stepped pyramids were an engineering attempt at building the great pyramids and unlike the pyramids of Giza, are stepped and not smooth.

The complex includes several tombs that can be visited, some are intricately painted and some have extremely detailed carvings. We will get down to the bottom of one through a steep ramp to admire the stone carvings.

The entire complex is part of the same UNESCO listing as the Giza pyramids and still very much under archeological excavation with last discoveries as recent as 2020.

After Saqqara, we will return to Giza for lunch with pyramid views at a privileged location away from the tourist crowds.

We will have time for photos and, on the way back, we will stop at a quiet and people-free spot for all those dreamy shots.

Our visit of the pyramids will start with the main pyramid of Cheops followed by the other two built by Chephren and Mykerinos. We will walk along the base and take photos as we hear the stories about how they were built.

We will end the visit getting up and close with the Sphinx that was part of a temple dedicated to Hauron-Haremakhet.

You will have the evening free to enjoy the hotel and heated outdoor pool, or book a massage at the spa.

Inclusions: Breakfast at the hotel, lunch at the pyramids, all transportation, entry tickets and guided tours of the sites. Free time for dinner.

Overnight at Mena House.

Day 4 : Abu Simbel

Driving time: Less than 1 hour
Flying time: 2 hours

Today we have a long day ahead of us as we wake up very early and drive to the airport for our flight to Abu Simbel.

There are only 2 ways to get to Abu Simbel, on a long drive or a special flight. We will be getting there and back by plane.

Our flight will take off from Cairo International Airport and head towards Abu Simbel with a stop in Aswan. We will land in the specially constructed airport.

When we arrive to Abu Simbel, we will be picked up and drive to the newly opened hotel by the lake for check in. We will continue to the temples for a guided visit and free time.

Abu Simbel is a rock cut temple located on the shore of Lake Nasser, near the border with Sudan.

This massive complex, which is also listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, was relocated as part of the same campaign that relocated Philae Temple.

The two main temples in Abu Simbel are dedicated to Ramses II and his wife, Queen Nefertari, and date back to the 13th century BC.

They fell into disuse by the 6th century BC and were eventually covered in sand and only rediscovered in the 19th century.

Because we will arrive after the crowds have dissipated, we will have the temples to ourselves.

After a guided tour followed by little time, we will get back in the bus and head to the hotel for lunch and relaxation time.

In the evening, we will return to Abu Simbel for the Light & Music Show on the temple walls. This incredible show, and the chance to see the temples at night, is magical experience.

Dinner will be back at the hotel.

Overnight at Azal Lagoon Hotel

Newly opened Azal Lagoon sits at the banks of Nazer Lake and is currently the best available hotel in Abu Simbel.

The hotel is spread across a large area and has views over the lake and the surrounding desert. There are several pools and restaurants on site and the newly appointed rooms are spacious.

Inclusions: Packed breakfast from the hotel, flight to Abu Simbel via Aswan, transportation to and from the airport, visit to Abu Simbel, dinner at the hotel.

Day 5 : Nile River, Nubian village and afternoon tea

Driving time: 2 hours

Wake up early to see the sunrise over Abu Simbel one more time before the crowds arrive and take it all in.

Breakfast will be at the hotel before we fly back to Aswan. Upon arrival, we will head straight to the Nubian Village for lunch at a local female owned restaurant on the shore of the Nile River followed by henna done by local women.

You will then have free time to explore the village on your own, buy souvenirs such as spices, tea, clothing or rugs, and take pictures of the colorful homes.

The afternoon will be all about the Nile River. Think sandy shores, clear waters, and crisp days, and finally, afternoon tea.

After arrival in Aswan we will drop our luggage at our island hotel, only accessible by boat, and then get back on land and drive to Aswan city to board our motorboat and explore the conservation area around the first cataract.

Here, we will enjoy the Nile shores, the lush greenery and the many colorful birds that live in the area.

While most visitors to Aswan take felucca rides on the Nile, we prefer a traditional motorboat to slowly cruise through the conservation area away from Aswan city. This area is usually devoid of any traffic and noise and very peaceful.

Our boat tour will end at the Old Cataract Hotel for afternoon tea with the best views over the Nile as the sun sets on the horizon.

The Old Cataract Hotel is Aswan’s most exclusive address. It opened when the dam was built at the beginning of the 20th century, and has been the home of dignitaries and royalty visiting the area.

We will end the day by checking in to the hotel and having the evening free. The hotel has a wonderful spa where you can relax and an outdoor heated pool with the best views.

Overnight at Movenpick Aswan 5*

Mövenpick Resort is located on an island in the middle of the River Nile, in Aswan, and only accessible by boat. There are two buildings and we will be staying at the newly built one.

Rooms have 360 degree views of Aswan city, the river and the sand dunes that reach the river banks.

This is the oasis where we will relax amid lush tropical gardens and magnificent views of the Nile.

There are two swimming pools onsite to enjoy, one of which is outdoors but heated (after all, we are visiting during the cooler months!) and several restaurants.

All rooms have panoramic views over the Nile and balconies from where to watch the feluccas go by.

Inclusions: Breakfast at the hotel, lunch at the Nubian village, boat tour of the conservation area, afternoon tea at the Old Cataract Hotel, transportation for the day by boat and bus.

Day 6 : Philae Temple and drive to Luxor

Driving time: 4 hours
Walking time: 2 hours

Today we will be laving Aswan towards Luxor, but not without first visiting Philae Temple.

After breakfast, we will cross the river and get on our way to Philae Temple, one of the most stunning temples in Egypt, primarily because of its location on an island.

We will take a bus and drive along the famous Aswan Dam, and then take a motor boat from the jetty in between the two enclosures of the dam to get to the temple.

Follow our guide on a tour of the temple followed by free time to explore on your own and take pictures.

Philae Temple was built on a different island to where it is today and was moved piece by piece as part of the International Campaign to Save the Monuments of Nubia, when the Aswan Dam was constructed and its original island ended up under water.

Its current location mimics its original, down to the orientation and the look and feel of the island.

The oldest part of Philae Temple dates back to the 4th century BC with subsequent constructions added afterwards.

After the visit, we will jump back in the minibus and drive to Luxor, where we will check in to our fabulous hotel and have free time to enjoy the spa, the pool or the many beautiful spots.

Inclusions: Breakfast at the hotel, packed lunch en route, entry ticket and guided tour of Philae Temple, transportation for the day.

Overnight at Al Moudira Hotel 5*

Getting its name from the Arabic for “the female boss”, which the staff used to refer to designer Zeina Aboukheir, Al Moudira is a palace hotel entirely built from scratch.

Located on the West Bank and surrounded by trees and a large garden when the hotel grows its own vegetables, this wonderfully calm and unique 5* property will be our getaway to Luxor.

Each room at Al Moudira is different, many have terraces and gardens, and all are spread out across the property. Everything was designed by photographer and jewelry designer Zeina.

Rooms are spacious and beautiful. We know from previous trips that this is going to rise to the top of the list of the most beautiful hotels you have ever stayed at.

During your free time, you will have the chance to relax by the heated pool, visit the spa or read a book on the shaded patios.

Day 7 : Quad bikes and Luxor East Bank Temples

Driving time: 2 hours

We will enjoy breakfast at the hotel, and start the day with a kick-ass quad ride in the desert. We will wrap a bedouin scarf to fend off the dust and get a safety intro before jumping on our quads and exploring the desert around Luxor.

After the ride, we will start our visit of the East bank of the River Nile with Luxor and Karnak temples, the largest and most important complexes in Egypt.

Karnak is the largest complex in Egypt and was built between 2000 BC and 3000 BC.

The entire complex and the rest of the city, including Luxor Temple, are inscribed as a UNESCO world heritage site and Karnak Temple is thought to be the second most visited site in Egypt after the Giza pyramids.

The visit will take us through various pylons, pillars, temples and other structures built by more than 30 pharaohs.

The most impressive section in Karnak Temple is the Great Hypostyle Hall which consists of 134 pilars most of which are decorated with carvings and painted colorfully.

The hall has been restored so you can see the many incredible designs on the columns, a real treat.

We will go on a guided visit of the complex and then have free time to explore on our own and take pictures.

Our exploration will continue to Luxor Temple, built in 1400 BC, and equally as impressive as Karnak Temple, if smaller.

Most of the temples in Egypt are devoted to a God but Luxor Temple is dedicated to the rejuvenation of kingship and believed to have been the place for coronation of Pharaohs, whether actually or conceptually.

Every year, the Opet festival would move the statues of Mut, Khonsu, and Amun from Karnak to Luxor Temple and back via the Avenue of Sphinx, a 3km avenue lined with human headed sphinxes that connect both temples.

Luxor Temple is also unique because of the working Abu Haggag Mosque, still in use today, that was constructed as part of the temple complex in the 7th century where a 4th century church used to be.

Lunch will be at a local restaurant in between all the temple exploration.

We will return to the hotel in the early evening for free time to relax or enjoy the beautiful rooms.

Inclusions: Breakfast at the hotel, lunch at a local restaurant, entry tickets and guided tour of Karnak and Luxor Temples, transportation for the day by minibus.

Overnight at Al Moudira Hotel

Day 8 : Luxor’s Valley of the Kings and Hatshepsut’s Temple

Driving time: 4 hours
Walking time: 3 hours
Flying time: 1 hour

OPTIONAL: Start early, before sunrise, for an optional hot air balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings, typically high above Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple. Dozens of balloons go up at the same time for a truly memorable sight.

We will continue with a visit of the incredible UNESCO-listed sites in the West Bank: The Valley of the Kings, The Valley of the Queens and Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple.

Most of Egypt’s pharaohs from the 16th to the 11th centuries BC chose to be buried in Luxor’s Valley of the Kings, a special location specifically selected for its geographic and climatic conditions.

Hidden between two mountains, the area was isolated so it would be harder to find, and the dryness was thought to help preserve the bodies long after embalming.

The mountain where the valley is located has the shape of a pyramid, adding to its suitability as the best place for royal tombs.

There are at least 63 royal rock-cut tombs currently discovered in the area and several are beautifully decorated and a maximum of 18 can be open to visitors, but restoration work is often carried out in the area closing some of the tombs.

The most famous tomb in the Valley of the Kings was that of Tutankhamun which was found untouched and without having been looted like the rest of the tombs in the area, its contents are on display at Cairo’s Egyptian Museum.

However, he was not a significant king and died very early which is why he is often referred to as the Boy King.

Our guide will tell us about a few of the most important tombs and you will be able to choose which ones to visit on your own.

After the Valley of the Kings, we will continue on to Queen Hatshepsut’s Mortuary Temple, found in the valley of the Kings too.

Queen Hatshepsut was Egypt’s only female Pharaoh and behaved like the kings, wearing the fake beard for official events. She also decided to construct her burial temple in the Valley of the Kings instead of the Valley of the Queens.

The temple is the largest burial construction in the area and is adjacent to the mountains’ wall, with the sanctuary found at the top of three terraces connected by sets of stairs.

Lunch will be at a leafy locally owned hotel / restaurant and farm with views over the garden.

After lunch, we will drive to the airport and fly back to Cairo where we will be picked up and taken to our hotel for the evening with free time to rest / enjoy the hotel.

Inclusions: Breakfast at the hotel, lunch at a local restaurant, entry tickets to the Valley of the Kings and Queen Hatshepsut’s Temples, transportation for the day by minibus, flight to Cairo, airport transfers.

Overnight at Villa Belle Epoque 5*

Villa belle Epoque is the only luxury boutique hotel in Cairo.

Female owned and located in the residential and peaceful Maadi area, the hotel offers a cozy experience in the city, like staying with family.

Rooms are all different and are spread across two adjacent villas, and around courtyards, patios, gardens and two pools.



Day 9 & 10 : Cairo Markets and Farewell

Driving time: 2 hours
Walking time: 3 hours

We will wake up in Cairo and enjoy a relaxed breakfast at the hotel before venturing into the city to explore its markets and buzzing streets.

We will start off at Moez Street, often referred to as an open air Arabic architecture museum because of the many historical buildings on both sides of the streets.

We will then move onto the adjacent Khan el-Khalili market, where we will have time to get lost, browse and shop for any last minute items.

Khan el-Khalili is located in the historical center of Cairo and has been around for over a millennia. It got its name from the original khan or caravanserai, a kind of inn for traveling tradesmen and merchants.

Today’s market has changed a lot from the original through reconstructions and changes by subsequent sultans and rulers.

You will find a mix and match of souvenirs, artisans shops, jewelry stores and all sorts of items for sale. Bargaining is a must, walk away if you have to.

We will have lunch at the famous Moorish inspired Naguib Mahfouz Coffee Shop.

You will then have free time to finish up any last minute shopping or have a coffee at historical El Fishawi’s, the oldest cafe in the market dating back to the end of the 18th century.

Our farewell dinner will be an incredibly special experience which we will share with several female entrepreneurs and leaders.

The meal will be sprinkled with conversations shared with fascinating local women leaders in their field.

On day 10 of the trip, you will be taken to the airport for your departure flight.

If you are joining us for the extension, you will start early this morning as we journey to Siwa.

Inclusions: Breakfast at the hotel, walking tour of Moez Street and Khan el-Khalili, lunch at Naguib Mahfouz Coffee Shop and very special farewell dinner.

Optional extension: Stunning Siwa Oasis

Note on Siwa: Before the 1980s, there was no road connecting Siwa to the rest of Egypt. While no longer as inaccessible as it once was, Siwa is still a 9h drive from Cairo and thus, a long, but worth it, journey. Please consider this before booking the extension.

Day 10 : Transfer to Siwa Oasis

Driving time: 9 hours
Walking time: 1 hour

We will have an early breakfast at the hotel and depart for Siwa Oasis at 5am.

Our day will be spent mostly driving, as the journey to reach Siwa Oasis is quite long and the only way to get there is by road.

We will drive for 5 hours on a busy road packed with truck traffic towards Libya and then veer south towards Siwa Oasis for an additional 4 hours.

Along the way, we will cross several police check points and our driver and guide will be in touch with the security forces who will track our every move and ensure our safety.

We will stop for food and snacks en route so that we can make it to Siwa before sunset.

Upon arrival, we will head straight to Shali Fortress for a visit and to watch the sunset from the top, a completely magical experience.

Shali Fortress was built in the 13th century entirely with a mixture of mud and salt pieces called kershef and looks like a real life size beehive.

Locals used to inhabit the fortress, which is believed to have towered 4 stories above the ground, until 1926, when it was irreversibly damaged during 3 days of rain.

The only building still in use today in the fortress is the mosque which continues to be a place of worship.

After sunset we will explore the local souk filled with the products that make Siwa Oasis thrive: olive oil, olives, jam, honey, dates and artisanal products such as rugs, pottery, decorative items made of rock salt and weaved out of palm leaves.

We will also visit the local apothecary where medicines made the traditional way, using local herbs and spices, are sold.

We will check into our hotel for dinner and overnight.

Inclusions: Breakfast at the hotel, transportation to Siwa Oasis, guided visit to Shali fortress and the souk, dinner at the hotel.

Overnight at Siwa Shali Lodge 3.5*

Shali Lodge is an ecolodge located on the outskirts of Siwa, among gardens, several outdoor pools, and a thermal water pool.

The lodge consists of several mud buildings constructed in the traditional style of the area.

All rooms are spacious, comfortable, ensuite and have electricity, air conditioning and heating, a rarity in Siwa where accommodation is very basic and often without electricity.


Day 11 : Siwa Oasis

Driving time: 2 hours

Today is all about exploring Siwa’s Oasis.

We will start off with breakfast at the lodge and then head out with our swimming suits towards the beautiful salt lakes.

Siwa Oasis is located on a depression below sea level and was, millennia ago, under water, hence the high concentration of salt in the area that was left by an ancient sea.

Siwa’s popularity is very recent because its salt reserves were only discovered in 2012. Since then, trucks harvest the area and collect the salt which is then taken to processing factories in Siwa and other parts of Egypt.

Part of the salt is used for regular consumption and also exported to cold countries to be used on the streets to prevent ice from forming.

The salt lakes are a combination of the clearest water bubbling up from the thermal waters under the ground and the salt reserves in the area, creating an unusually clear turquoise color.

You can jump in the various beautiful pools without fear of drowning since the high concentration of salt makes bodies float, just like in the Dead Sea.

We will take a dip in the pools, take many photos and then rinse the salt, dry a bit and continue to Cleopatra’s Pool.

Here, we will be able to rinse the salt content properly and enjoy the clear natural spring waters with a frozen mango and mint juice in hand and a casual lunch.

The thermal waters in Siwa are believed to have great healing properties thanks to the mixture between salt and hot springs and the natural minerals found in them.

Cleopatra’s Pool gets its name because legend has it that she used to like coming here, though there is no actual historic evidence.

After Cleopatra’s Pool we will visit the Greek oracle Temple of Amun-Ra that Alexander the Great used to confirm he was the legitimate Pharaoh of Egypt after defeating the Persian Empire in the battle of Issus in 333 BC and conquering Egypt.

The temple was built in the 6th century BC by Pharaoh Amasis and became famous across the Greek Empire which considered Amun the equivalent of Zeus.

Legend has it that Alexander The Great almost didn’t make it across the 300km of desert crossing from the Mediterranean Sea and that he was saved by divine intervention that made rain fall and ravens show him the way.

Either way, this is a great site to visit even just for its historical importance and the great views over Siwa’s Oasis and palm plantations below.

We will continue our day towards Fatnas Island to watch the sunset and have dinner back at the hotel.

Inclusions: Breakfast at the hotel, transportation for the day, guided visit to the salt lakes, Cleopatra’s Pools and Temple of Amun-Ra, dinner at the hotel.

Overnight at Siwa Shali Lodge.

Days 12 & 13: Desert Safari, Return to Cairo and Farewell

Driving time: 9 hours

We will start the day very early, before sunrise, and clear the security checks at the police station in town on our 4×4 cars ready for a desert safari.

We will see the sunrise on the sand dunes, look for fossils and go on a thrilling 4×4 adventure up and down the sand dunes of the Western Desert.

At sunrise, we will stop at the top of the dunes to enjoy a cup of hot tea, bedouin-style, prepared on the fire the traditional way, and watch the sun rise above the endless desert.

We will stop at thermal hot springs in the middle of the sand dunes, and you will be able to take a dip if you wish, and enjoy everything the desert has to offer.

After the desert safari, we will get back to the hotel for breakfast, check out and get back on the road for the drive to Cairo.

The drive will again take us 9 hours and we will stop for snacks along the way.

We will enjoy one last very casual dinner en route, so we can have one last koshari, and check in at our hotel for the last night in Egypt.

On day 13, you can make your way to the airport on your own via the hotel-airport bridge or the hotel’s free airport shuttle.

Inclusions: Breakfast at the hotel, desert safari tour, transportation for the day, dinner en route.

Overnight at Le Meridien Airport Hotel

Our last night in Egypt will be spent at the modern and well-located Meridien Cairo Airport, a stone’s throw from the terminal building, to make your departure easiest.

The hotel has lots of restaurants and bars for your last few hours in the country, a lush and peaceful outdoor swimming pool, a spa, gym and very spacious rooms.

When it’s time to go, walk over the indoor bridge to the terminal building directly, or take the free airport shuttle from the hotel which will get you there in 5 minutes.


Your hosts, Mar and Isis

Our trip to Egypt will be co-hosted by our Co-Founder, Mar Pages, and our local Egyptologist Isis.

With such a fitting name, Isis had to become an Egyptologist and tour guide. She is passionate about meeting new people and sharing her love for Egypt and will be hosting us for the duration of this trip, highlight everything about Ancient Egypt and sharing her culture with us.

Mar has been to 140 countries and is an avid traveler. She is in charge of designing all the trips at Solo Female Travelers and always attend the first one and returns until she is satisfied that the itinerary is absolutely perfect.

Guest feedback

Maureen – I’ve been on two tours with SFT (Sudan and Egypt) and I can’t say enough good things about them. Their tours are safe, professional, and so much fun! You won’t regret traveling with them.

Bonnie – Just got back from an amazing NYE trip to Egypt! Everything was absolutely perfect…..

From the best hotels available in each town to all the incredible activities and sightseeing tours to our super friendly and knowledgeable Egyptologist.

Mar’s attention to detail and making sure everyone was safe and having fun and everything ran smoothly was appreciated by all of us. I can’t wait to go on another one of SFT (Mar and Meg’s) tours.

Kaitlin – I just got home from the SFT Egypt trip and wow!!! I had the most amazing time in Egypt exploring all the historical sites, eating terrific food, driving quad bikes in the desert and a magical hot air balloon ride. Mar and Meg did a fantastic job of setting up this trip to not only visit the famous sites (like the Giza Pyramids, Abu Simbel, Valley of the Kings, and more) but gave us the opportunity to learn about Egyptian cuisine and culture. I also met an incredible group of women, Mar included, on this trip and I am so happy to say I made new lifelong friends.
I have been raving about my trip to everyone I know since I got home. And I will be booking another Solo Female Travelers trip for this year!

Ashleigh – I traveled to Egypt of New Years with SFT and had the best trip ever! Mar is an amazing planner and planned the itinerary perfectly!

Almost all sites we went to we arrived when the crowds of tourists were minimal so we could enjoy everything. I was worried the trip would feel too rushed or hectic but there was the right amount of activity and rest and I was able to enjoy everything. The food was delicious and the hotels spectacular. Our Egyptologist was amazing too and I learned so much. Mar also planned some unexpected and unique activities like a food tour through downtown Cairo. I would have never thought to do this on a trip but it was a highlight for me. The whole time I felt extremely safe and well taken care of. The best part of the trip was connecting with the other women joining the tour— I know I have made friends for life.

I love how SFT is committed to supporting women on the ground where they operate tours and supporting women to travel solo. The best mission and company. Can’t wait for my next trip with SFT! Thank you Mar & Meg!

Kelly – I just returned from the tour to Egypt. It was the perfect itinerary with all logistics taken care of. The tour was well-organized and I felt confident that I was experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime trip!

Mar and Meg were available to answer and support with all of the pre-travel arrangements as well as help connect our group before meeting in person.

The accommodations were spectacular and it was clear that Mar had personally vetted out each location. The itinerary had a great mixture of historical sites and museums (the Giza pyramids, Valley of the Kings/Queens, Phillae Temple, etc.) while also allowing for an exploration of contemporary Egypt (walking food tour in Cairo, ATV-ing, hot air balloon, Khan el-Khalili, etc.). I feel like not a minute was wasted but I was also able to have adequate time to appreciate my surroundings and even utilize the pools and spas at our locations.

Siwa was amazing. The salt pools, the thermal springs, the dessert safari. Worth the lengthy drive.
The Egyptologist, Eman, was an amazing inspiring woman who went above-and-beyond to educate and answer our questions. The bus driver was friendly and we moved from city-to-city and site-to-site with ease. Vegetarian meals were accommodated and the food was delicious.

This company truly strives for responsible tourism in an industry where this is rare. I could write a novel about how special this tour was but I’ll leave it at that! I will definitely be booking a future tour with this company!

Bailey – Booking the Solo Female Traveler’s trip to Egypt was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. When I booked the trip, I was in a tumultuous time in my life. I had traveled solo before, but not out of the country (U.S.). I booked it because I wanted to meet other like-minded women and travel with people that were passionate about learning other cultures. And boy did I hit the jackpot with these ladies.

Every single woman I met on this trip helped me learn something, whether it was how to lean into the freedom of being single, traveling while I’m young, choosing myself over negativity, humor in the mundane, and much more. I was also able to network with ladies and have references for future jobs- crazy!
Our Egyptologist on this trip is literally a saint. She’s extremely knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, and now very dear to my heart. She has a video of me on our last day crying because of how much I miss her – lol!
And Mar?! How can I begin. She created this itinerary herself and I thought it was perfect. There is SO much to see in Egypt, but she made a perfect balance of luxurious relaxation and adventure. Some days you quad bike in the desert, some days you have a food tour in the city, and some days you chill on a rooftop with drinks. Mar and Meg started this company and have grown it to an amazing company that has brought so many women together. I can’t wait to see Mar on my next trip.
I also met one of my now closest friends on this trip and we already booked the NYE 2024 trip to Oaxaca with SFT. I just can’t get enough. I wish I could go on every single trip they post!

I also loved traveling with a group + an already planned out itinerary. I could actually let myself have a vacation and absorb everything possible instead of worrying about logistics. The money is so worth it even if it was just for this peace. I know I was able to experience so much more in this time frame than I would have on my own or if I would have planned the trip myself.

If you’re wondering whether or not you should book a trip with SFT….do it now. It will be the adventure of a lifetime.
I’m going to try to post recaps of the trip on my blog @eat.drink.bay. Feel free to also message me if you have any questions about this trip or SFT. <3


✔️ 9 Nights in shared twin or single accommodation in 5* hotels

✔️ 9 Breakfasts, 7 lunches and 4 dinners. Water at every meal. Welcome and Farewell dinners with drinks

✔️ Water during the days when exploring

✔️ Siwa extension: Additional 2 nights at a 3.5* hotel and 1 night at a 5* hotel, 3 breakfasts, 3 dinners

✔️ Airport greeting service, pick up and help to go through immigration

✔️ Female Egyptian guide for the duration of the trip

✔️ Entry tickets to all sites, attractions, temples and museums listed

✔️ Transportation for the duration of the trip in private minivan. Internal, domestic flights Cairo – Abu Simbel, Abu Simble – Aswan and Aswan – Cairo

✔️ Tips for staff at hotels, drivers, boat drivers, porters, bell boys, airport greeting staff, etc. excluding the trip host / guide


✘ International flights to / from Egypt

✘ 4 dinners and 1 lunch

✘ Visa, if required

✘ Travel & Medical Insurance (Required)

✘ Alcoholic drinks at meals except for the Welcome and Farewell dinners

✘ Souvenirs

✘ Tips for the host, at your discretion, guideline: $10-20 per day

✘ Optional activities (eg. Hot air balloon) and others that you may book yourself

Payment Info

Only 14 Spots Available

From $4,895 USD

Siwa extension (min 8 guests)

$995 USD

Payment Plan:

  • Deposit: 30% non refundable deposit to reserve your spot
  • Balance payment due 120 days before departure

*The initial deposit is refundable if the minimum number of guests is not reached. By joining our trips you agree to our T&C.

The Solo Female Travelers difference – What makes us unique

All our tours follow the same values and philosophy that makes us who we are which you can find here. In Egypt, three things set us apart from others: Our luxury accommodation, our combination of ancient and modern Egypt, and our obsession over an itinerary that is engineered to skip the crowds.

We have visited many hotels and hand-picked each one of our luxury accommodations for their location, their magical views or their special feel. Additionally, many of them are female owned, so we support local female-owned businesses.

We have carefully timed the start and end days of the tours to be in Cairo when traffic is low and organized the tour to visit temples and tombs when there are the least crowds. This obsession has led us to spend a night in Abu Simbel and organize temple visits when cruises and day trippers aren’t there.

Our extension to Siwa shows our commitment to keep our tours updated and showcasing new & exciting destinations.

Book NOW

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IMPORTANT: Please reach out to us to discuss your dietary needs before booking. Vegetarian options are available at every meal, though the nature of this trip means vegan and gluten free diets may not be possible.

November 2024 – Photographer onboard

  • Base Trip: 1 to 10 November 2024
  • With Siwa: 1 to 13 November 2024
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April 2025

  • Base Trip: 12 to 21 April 2025
  • With Siwa: 12 to 24 April 2025
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