Arctic Wellness & Wilderness

Lulea – Arctic Foraging – Husky sled ride – Snowmobile – Spa Rituals – Moose – Reindeer – Gin Tasting – Sami Food & Culture – Northern Lights – Ice Hotel – Photography

A week of energizing Arctic wellness rituals, responsible wilderness experiences and immersive Sami culture hosted by a local photographer in one of the best places to see the Northern Lights.

Highlights: Gammelstad UNESCO town | Sami wild herb, plants and berries foraging | Arctic gin tasting and cocktail pairing dinner | Sauna and Ice plunge rituals | Reindeer experience | Mindful husky sled ride | Snowmobile driving | Wild moose sightings | Icelandic horses | Sami culture and cooking class | Traditional teepee meals | Ice Hotel and optional ice room | Northern Lights | Photography tips

Activity level: Moderate, several adventure activities and extended time outdoors.

No mandatory single supplements* | 15 spots | Photography tips

*Prices per person, we pair you with another traveler to avoid supplements, or upgrade to have your own room


Trip Overview

  • 30th March to 5th April, 2025 – FEW SPOTS LEFT
  • 7 to 13 April 2025

Sara, Photographer & Host

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€4,495 EUR pp sharing

Max. 14 guests

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Trip summary

Find the day by day itinerary below:

  • Day 1: Arrival and Welcome dinner
  • Day 2: Gammelstad town, Kick sled, Spa ritual and Arctic Gin tasting dinner
  • Day 3: Wild Arctic foraging and cooking workshop, Spa ritual and Luxury lake cabin
  • Day 4: Reindeer forest experience, Sami artisans
  • Day 5: Snowmobile ride, Ice Hotel tour, Ice bar, Sami Museum, Spa ritual and Teepee dinner
  • Day 6: Mindful dog sled ride, Sami culture and gastronomy class, Farewell Ice dinner
  • Day 7: Departure

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 : Arrive in the Arctic

Arrive in Lulea, the biggest city in Sweden’s Norrbotten County, and take a short taxi ride from the airport to our hotel in the city.

If you arrive early, stroll through the quiet streets of this coastal city and enjoy Arctic life.

In the early evening, we will get together for a welcome briefing and dinner with the rest of the group. Meet your fellow travelers and have the first taste for Arctic life.

Inclusions: Welcome dinner and drinks.

Overnight at Elite Hotel Lulea 4*

Elite Hotels group is a Swedish female owned hotel brand with presence in a few cities across the country.

The hotel in Lulea is a property housed in an old bank building from 1903, with its grand staircases and high ceilings in Renaissance style, especially in the Festivitetsalen ballroom that is decorated with glittering chandeliers.

Rooms have been recently renovated and are furnished in clean Scandinavian style.


Day 2 : Gammelstad town, Kick sled, Spa ritual and Arctic gin tasting dinner

We will start the morning early with breakfast in the wonderful ballroom of the hotel before heading out to the World Heritage church city of Gammlestad.

Gammelstad, or Old Lulea Town, was named a UNESCO heritage site in 1996.

As this was the border between Sweden and Russia, priests were sent to built simple wooden churches and exercise control of the area, which grew through the trade of fur and salmon. The town developed from the 15th century onwards.

The world heritage site today is a complex located around the reconstructed 15th century church, the tallest in the area, and 400 church cottages all painted red.

We will stroll the picturesque town with a local female guide and learn more about the evolution of this part of Sweden as the basis for the rest of our trip.

After the visit, we will continue north towards Sorbyn, and will stop for lunch at Melderstein Manor, a hotel run by Katarina, descendant of the family who received the first mining concession in the region and built the house in the 18th century.

Over lunch, Katarina will share the dramatic history of the manor, her family, and how iron ore became the region’s main source of income.

In the afternoon, we will have time to try our luck at kick sledding, with the help of Katarina and our host Sara.

Kick sled is not just a fun sport for kids in the Arctic but also their main form of transportation to the bus station when the roads and paths are covered in snow.

We will slide through the frozen lakes and race each other on this fun and easy activity.

Back in the bus, we will continue north and arrive at our lodge for the evening. We will check in and head straight out for our first taste of an Arctic spa ritual.

Our lodge is located in a beautiful forested area, right by a frozen lake, and an ice plunge will be ready for us after a private hot sauna session, just like the Swedes do.

Bathe in the hot sauna with views over the frozen lake and forest, then walk onto the snow towards the ice bath, dug out directly on the ice.

Many Swedes have saunas in their homes, and spend time in it every day melting their stress and worries away (quite literally!).

Saunas, where temperatures can easily be 70-80 C / 158-176 F, followed by cold plunges, where the water temperature is just below freezing, are proven to be beneficial to metabolism, blood circulation and cardiovascular function, and are also known to improve your immunity.

So, when in Rome…

Consider this your initiation to an Arctic spa practice we will participate in multiple times this week.

After our spa ritual, we will get ready for a fabulous dinner tasting Arctic gins, and learning how to shake the best cocktails with the region’s most beautiful and delicious berries and plants.

Arctic gins are enjoying renewed interest and exploding into the international world of craft cocktails. With the purest water and wild berries and herbs, gin just tastes better.

We will taste a couple of the best local gins and learn how to mix beautiful and unique cocktails with our local host and gin expert as we share an evening of fun, friendship, drinks and Arctic culture.

Evenings get dark early enough for us to be still awake and, if the sky is clear, we will spot the Northern Lights dancing above us.

Northern Lights spotting: The first half of April is still Northern Lights season in the Arctic and we hope they will make an appearance at least once during the week. Our guide Sara is a professional photographer specialising in nature and night photography, and will be ready to share her expert tips to capture the Northern lights. Bring your camera or your phone and learn how to capture the best auroras.

Inclusions: Transportation in private minibus, breakfast at the hotel, lunch at a female owned restaurant, kick sled fun, Arctic spa ritual, gin tasting and dinner with cocktails, Aurora spotting and photography instruction.

Overnight at Sorbyn Lodge 4*

Sorbyn Lodge is a newly renovated, locally owned, cozy lodge in what feels like the middle of nowhere, by a river. The main lounge offers expansive views over the frozen forest and is the perfect place to chill by the fire.

Rooms are decorated Scandinavian style and are spacious and bright. Guests in Single and Twin accommodation will stay in rooms in the main building while guests in Double rooms will stay at the beautiful self-contained newly built cabins, a real treat.


Day 3 : Wild Arctic foraging & cooking workshop and Spa ritual

We will start our day outdoors in the forested area near the lodge, where we will meet with Eva for a foraging flavors walk and gastronomy class.

Eva is passionate about Arctic and Sami culture and is an expert in local herbs, plants, and spices and how they can be transformed into food, condiments and remedies.

She will start by telling us all about the 8 seasons of the Sami calendar.

While most of the wild foraging that happens in the Arctic takes place in the summer, when the ice and snow recede, you will be surprised at how much can still be seen and enjoyed in winter.

We will start our morning with a walk through the forest during which we will spot and taste a few of Eva’s discoveries and creations.

A drop of birch tree syrup, a taste of wild berries, a cup of hot wild tea or a pine tree bark chip are some of the most fascinating and tasty bits she will share with us.

Back at the local wooden cabin, she will show us how she prepares her summer finds to last all winter. How nature’s essences are encapsulated and how the Sami people preserved summer’s bounty for the long winter months.

We will also learn a little more about our wild healing herbs and prepare our own tea mixture to take home as souvenir.

We will finish the morning with lunch prepared from our foraging, and some of Eva’s tasty local ingredients that you have probably never tried before.

Think of a wild pie with nettles, dandelion, yarrow and mushrooms, home-baked bread, flower drinks and the flavors of an Arctic forest.

Our day will continue to the fabulous Arctic Bath Hotel where we will be spoiled and pampered.

Upon arrival at Arctic Bath Hotel, we will check in to our beautiful cabins and immerse ourselves in a premium Spa ritual at the hotel’s custom-built ice plunge, outdoor hot tubs and saunas.

The afternoon is entirely dedicated to enjoying the 5-step spa ritual that gives name to this luxury hotel.

Grab your swimsuit (or borrow one from the hotel), your pretty bathrobe and slippers, and your bag of premium cosmetics by local, and female-owned, Arctic brand Gerd, and meet us at the circular spa building.

The hotel staff will be at hand to offer guidance on the ritual, which will start with a shower followed by two saunas, a lower temperature Swedish sauna and a high-temperature Finnish sauna.

Warmed up, we will head outside into the icy snow, and plunge into the cold lake. End in the outdoor hot tubs which have the best views over the frozen lake and forest. Repeat.

You can top the experience with an optional massage or facial at the hotel’s spa or a drink from the bar.

We promise that after the spa ritual, you will feel energized and relaxed.

We will finish the day with a gourmet fine-dining meal at the hotel’s award-winning restaurant which serves Nordic cuisine in the most beautiful dishes. Your senses will be blown away as you savor morsels of wild moss, salmon roe, wild berries and game.

Northern Lights spotting: Tonight will be another chance to see the Northern Lights. Our cabins have been specially designed with windows to see from the warmth of your bed. If you spot them, head outside for the best views and to learn from our host Sara, on the best photography techniques and methods for capturing them.

Inclusions: Breakfast at the hotel, wild foraging, cooking class and lunch, transportation in a minibus, spa ritual at Arctic Bath with premium products, gourmet fine dining dinner, Aurora spotting with photography instruction. Optional spa treatment.

Overnight at Arctic Bath 5*

Arctic Bath Hotel started as a day spa and grew into one of the most exclusive luxury hotels in Scandinavia; there are just 11 cabins divided between floating cabins on the lake, and glass cabins on land.

This is a hotel you will be sad to leave and where every detail has been perfected and taken care of, from the position of the windows to the winter clothes and boots on loan.

The group will split based on the accommodation booked:

  • Guests in Single rooms will stay on the private and cozy wooden cabins over the frozen lake.
  • Guests in Twin rooms will stay on 2-storey land-based cabins with 2 separate beds.
  • Guests in Double accommodation will stay at 2-storey land-based cabins with 1 large double bed and expansive lounge area. Land-based cabins offer floor to ceiling glass walls.



Day 4 : Reindeer forest experience, Sami artisans

We will have breakfast cooked to order at the hotel and set out on the road north to meet Anna, a local female reindeer herder, and her precious and friendly crew.

On our way, we will stop at the geographical border of the Arctic for photos and to learn more about this mark.

Did you know that the Arctic Circle is not a fixed border and actually moves slightly, every year?

Today will be all about reindeer. These animals are a symbol of Europe’s Arctic, of Santa Claus, and an essential part of Sami culture.

Unlike in Finland where they are a common tourist attraction and can be owned and purchased by anyone, Sweden’s reindeer can only be owned by Sami people and are a key part of their livelihood, beyond their participation in tourism activities.

From mid-April, reindeer go back to the mountains to give birth, feed and roam freely. In winter, some of them are brought closer to the lower level forests to be protected from the harsher winter conditions. This means an opportunity for us to meet them.

Our morning with be spent with Anna, a warm indigenous Sami herder living a native life based on the caring and raising of reindeer.

She will open her home to us, and we will learn all about these gentle, friendly animals, hand feed them and immerse ourselves in Sami culture and traditions.

In winter, her reindeer will be brought to her camp and we will get to share close encounters with them.

Learn about why Santa Claus’ reindeer are all female, how they forage for moss from trees even in the dead of winter, and offer them some tasty food directly from your hand.

Don’t worry, they are the sweetest animals and don’t even have teeth to bite!

We will then move into the warmth of a traditional lavuu (teepee) tent.

Sat around the camp fire, Anna will share more about Sami lifestyle, spirituality and “joik”, the musical way to tell stories in Sami culture. Until recently, Sami did not have a written language so this is how knowledge was passed down.

This will be a touching experience that is hard to put into words and that will stay with you.

Our morning will end with a homemade lunch prepared over the open fire based on Sami recipes and what is seasonally available.

After lunch, we will drive to Jokkmokk, the capital of Sami culture, and stop at a few female owned local stores to browse Sami arts and crafts.

Duodji, or handicrafts, are an important part of the Sami identity both as a means of livelihood and carrier of culture, and are made using the natural materials available in the area: wood, fur, yarn, etc.

This is your chance to buy handmade local items such as the beautiful Sami wooden mugs, hats or gloves, reindeer skins or leather products.

We will leave Jokkmokk behind and cover a 3-hour drive through snow-covered forests and quiet mountain roads to Kiruna, the capital of the Swedish Arctic and the location for our next three nights, the Arctic Hotel.

This evening will be free for you to relax at the hotel’s lobby lounge or restaurant.

Northern Lights spotting: Tonight will be another chance to see the Northern Lights. The hotel is in the middle of nowhere with very limited light pollution so chances will once again be favorable.

Inclusions: Breakfast at the hotel, transportation to all sights in private minibus, reindeer experience, hand feeding, Sami stories and lunch.

Overnight at Ice Hotel 4*

The original Ice Hotel opened its doors for the first time in 1990, and has since been rebuilt every year in December from ice and snow, and left to melt away into the waters of the Torne River every April.

The hotel complex includes several buildings near the town of Jukkasjärvi, some of which open year-round.

We will spend 3 nights at the hotel’s spacious warm rooms, with the option to upgrade into an Ice room for one night, to experience what it’s like to sleep in an art room sculpted from the purest Arctic water.

Ice Hotel common areas


Ice Hotel warm and ice rooms


Day 5 : Snowmobile ride, Ice Hotel tour, Ice bar, Sami Museum, Sauna ritual and Teepee dinner

Today is all about snowmobiling and ice art.

We will start the day with a lazy breakfast at the hotel restaurant and then head out to meet Asa, her daughters and team for a fun and exciting ride on the snowmobiles.

Asa has been raising huskies and racing competitively for decades and has one of the largest and most loving dog kennels in Sweden.

Besides offering dog sled rides and even multi-day dog sledding trips, she also offers wonderful snowmobile rides through the forests, the frozen lakes and the snowy trails.

We will get kitted up with warm technical winter clothes including boots, hats, gloves and overalls on top of our winter clothes and be ready to take on this thrilling excursion with our helmets on.

The team will brief us on the ins and outs of driving on the powder snow and ice safely, and will a bit of practice in before setting off.

We will pair up in teams of 2 and everyone will get to ride and drive one of the snowmobiles. Asa’s team will join us and make sure we are safe.

We will stop for photos, take it all in, and have the most fun!

Half way through the ride, we will stop at Asa’s custom-built Sami hut in the forest where we will enjoy soup, warm drinks and sandwiches toasted on the open fire, warming up as we chat about the fun morning.

After the snowmobile ride, we will return to the Ice Hotel for a tour of the ice rooms and ice art installation which are incredible.

The Ice Hotel has been re-built every year since 1990, made from the ice from the nearby river. The walls, ceilings and even the beds in each room are built of ice and carved by large teams of artists and engineers every year.

At the end of the season, around mid-April, the hotel is left to melt away and return to nature, where it came from.

Rooms are available for booking and you will have the chance to add-on a night in an ice room. After check out and until check in, the hotel’s ice rooms are open for visitors to explore, and this is exactly what we will do in the afternoon.

Every year, each deluxe room is assigned to an artist from around the world to uniquely design, decorate and carve. Some elements from the most special rooms have been preserved year after year and are on display at the small exhibition.

You will have free time to explore each room and admire the incredible ice sculptures and take pictures.

We will then meet at the original Ice Bar for a drink on an individually carved ice glass.

Pick from the colorful Northern Lights drink or a simpler cloudberry mixer, this is the coolest (pun intended) bar in the world, now franchised across many other countries.

After the tour and drink, if you have included the optional night in an Ice room, you will check in to the new room. If you have not included this optional night, there will be free time to chill or have a drink at the bar.

Optional: Spend the night at one of the Ice rooms at the Ice Hotel! You can include a night at an Ice room (shared) tonight, without having to check out from your warm room, so you can keep all your things in the warm room. Ice rooms are available from 6pm.

We will meet for dinner at a Sami traditional restaurant nearby. We will walk over to the teepee tent together and share a group dinner around the fire.

We will return to the hotel and you will have free time to enjoy the sauna before checking in to your ice room if you opted for it, or relax back in your warm room.

Inclusions: Breakfast at the hotel, transportation in private minibus, snowmobile gear and excursion with lunch, Ice Hotel tour and Ice Bar drink, dinner at nearby Sami restaurant.

Overnight at Ice Hotel 4*

Day 6 : Mindful dog sled ride, Sami culture and gastronomy class, Farewell Ice dinner

We will start the day with a lazy breakfast at the hotel restaurant. If you spent the night at one of the ice rooms, you will have to check out and store your belongings in a locker until check in to your warm room later in the day.

After breakfast, we will take a short ride to meet Ylva and her friendly and fierce huskies who will take us on an adventure across frozen lakes and snow-capped forests and mountains.

Ylva is passionate about holistic animal welfare and uses mindful and calming techniques to communicate with her dogs.

Instead of an agitated and noisy kennel, we will find a quiet and relaxed atmosphere where dogs are excited to go out for a run but are also chilled.

Her obsession with the health and training of her dogs and love for each one of them is clear in the way they are treated.

Each animal in her kennel has a large pen and lots of space to roam freely and rest in between rides.

She limits the number of excursions and duration that each dog takes part in per day, and you can tell they are very well taken care of.

Our experience will start with an introduction to the many breeds of huskies and to her personal approach to sustainable and responsible dog sledding, which we will see in action.

We will then help get the dogs ready for the ride and set out into the forests trails in pairs, one driving and the other sitting on the sled. Half way, we will swap so everyone gets to drive and enjoy the ride.

When we return, we will share a traditional lunch inside a lavuu tent.

After the great experience, we will continue to a nearby Sami farm for a fantastic cooking class with Kerstin.

She and her husband are reindeer and horse farmers and she is also a cultural guide, and an active member of the Sami community for almost 30 years.

The farm offers rides on Icelandic horses who are visited by wild moose in the winter. We will visit the farm, meet the horses, see the moose, and then head inside to learn about Sami bread baking and food.

Earlier in the week, we learned about plants, herbs and medicinal plants from Eva, and today Kerstin will share the meat and fish traditions in Sami culture; how meat is preserved in salt, by smoking or air drying, and how important bread is.

We will make cheese coffee, an important part of Sami culture, in a cheese mould that was made by Kerstin’s grandfather.

We will not only see how the food is made but also participate in the preparation and then get to taste it.

After fika, a Swedish afternoon snack, we will return to Ice Hotel and get ready for our farewell dinner at the Aurora Restaurant.

Our special treat will include a coursed fine dining meal served on ice.

Northern Lights spotting: There will be once last chance to hope for the Northern Lights to show up tonight.

Inclusions: Transportation to each activity in private minibus, mindful dog sled ride with lunch, Sami cooking class and afternoon fika with traditional treats, encounter with Icelandic horses, farewell fine dining dinner on ice.

Overnight at Ice Hotel 4*

On day 7, you can depart from the hotel anytime after breakfast. The airport in Kiruna is small and only opens 90 minutes before the few flights out each day. The hotel can help organize a taxi.

Photo by Rebecca Lundh for Ice Hotel

About Your Host, Sara

Sara left Sweden for South Africa at the age of 23 with the intention of studying international relations, but returned home with a nagging dream to do travel photography for a living. Long story short, that dream came true.

Since then, she’s had the privilege to roam all over the globe chasing light and beauty with her camera and call it work, but it struck her that few places compare to her home in Arctic Scandinavia.

It took a global pandemic for her to slow down enough to fully see and rapidly fall in love with the untamed beauty and serenity still available in this remote corner of Europe, and today she is passionate about sharing it with others, while giving a glimpse of a different way of life, a little wilder, slower and simpler.

Bonus: Our first April 2025 trip will be accompanied by our Co-Founder Mar Pages.


✔️ 6 Nights in shared twin, double or single accommodation in 4-5* hotels, lodges and resorts as indicated.

✔️ All activities, visits and experiences mentioned in the itinerary.

✔️ Tips for everyone except your host

✔️ Daily Breakfast and Lunch, and all Dinners but one.

✔️ Alcoholic drinks at the welcome and farewell dinners and at some other meals.

✔️ Transportation to and between activities as listed in the itinerary in minivans or a minibus depending on the day.

✔️ Daily sauna and spa rituals. Massages can be added as chargeable optionals at the Arctic Bath Hotel.


✘ International flights to Lulea and from Kiruna

✘ Optional night in an Ice room at the Ice Hotel.

✘ Other activities not included in the program that you book yourself.

✘ Schengen Visa if needed, we can provide supporting documenation.

✘ Travel & Medical Insurance (Required)

✘ Airport pick up and drop off based on arrival / departure times.

✘ Souvenirs and other items of personal nature

✘ Tips for the Host (at your discretion)

Payment Info

Prices start at

4,695 EUR

Payment Plan:

30% deposit to secure your spot (non refundable*)

Final balance due 90 days before departure

*The initial 30% is refundable if the minimum number of guests is not reached. By joining our trips you agree to our T&C.

The Solo Female Travelers difference – What makes us unique

All our tours follow the same values and philosophy that makes us who we are which you can find here. Our Arctic Wellness & Wilderness tour is special because it focuses on untouched Sweden, is 100% female powered and is strategically scheduled in the first half of April.

We have decided to focus on the Arctic in Sweden because Sami culture is more authentically preserved here than in other parts of Scandinavia.

All our activities will be entirely female powered and led by Swedish and Sami women. We will stay at locally owned hotels, some of which are also women-owned, and support many small local businesses.

Our tour will only take place at the beginning of April, just before everyone takes a break and prepares for the summer season. This period sees warmer and clearer winter weather, long days and dark nights, lots of snow and a high chance of seeing the Northern Lights, with almost no crowds.

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Twin vs Double: Twin accommodation consists of 2 separate single beds for the whole trip. Double accommodation consists of 4 nights in twin rooms with 2 separate single beds in Lulea and Ice Hotel, and 2 nights in upgraded cabins with 1 large double bed and split bedding at Arctic Bath and Sorbyn Lodge.

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Twin vs Double: Twin accommodation consists of 2 separate single beds for the whole trip. Double accommodation consists of 4 nights in twin rooms with 2 separate single beds in Lulea and Ice Hotel, and 2 nights in upgraded cabins with 1 large double bed and split bedding at Arctic Bath and Sorbyn Lodge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a trip of a lifetime and we know there are many things you’d like to know more about.

What are the COVID measures in Sweden and how will you ensure everyone is safe?

We care deeply about the wellbeing of our guests and our trip follows all local regulations. We require guests who develop a cough or cold-like symptoms to use a mask and separate themselves from the rest of the guests. COVID testing is not mandatory though it will be encouraged.

What if I cannot travel because of COVID restrictions?

Payments are not refundable if the trip goes ahead. This is why we require all guests to purchase travel insurance that covers unforeseen circumstances that would prevent them from traveling.

In the event that the trip needs to be postponed for reasons beyond our control such as a global pandemic or COVID after the the 30% deposit is due, any payments made will be put towards a similar trip in the future.

We recommend checking with an aggregator such as Travel Insurance Master to compare quotes and coverage.

Do I need a visa for Sweden?

Most travelers do not need a visa for Sweden. If you do, a Schengen visa may be needed and we can provide booking documentation to help with the application.

What airports should I fly into and out from?

Our trip starts in Lulea and ends in Kiruna, both of which are domestic airports in Sweden with several daily connecting flights to and from Stockholm. Alternatively, there is also an overnight train service from Stockholm to Lulea and daily connections from Kiruna to Lulea by train.

What is included in the trip?

This trip includes 7 breakfasts, 6 lunches and 5 dinners. All activities mentioned in the itinerary are also included, unless specifically mentioned. Inclusions and exclusions are listed above.

Can I have a room to myself?

You can select the package of your choice during the booking process. If you wish to have your own room, you can select the single room.

Can special dietary requirements be accommodated?

Vegetarians can be accommodated but we regret that we cannot cater to vegan diets. Gluten free options can be offered but cross-contamination cannot be guaranteed so please reach out to us before booking if you have celiacs disease.

I want to bring my partner to the trip

This is a female-only small group trip specifically designed for women traveling on their own. If you wish to travel with a female identifying friend, partner, family member, etc. they are absolutely welcome, and we can guarantee double beds at every hotel, just reach out to let us know. We are not able to book male identifying travelers on this trip.

I want to bring my daughter

How wonderful! If your daughter is above the age of 16, we will be glad to have her with us.

Will the guides be female?

Yes, this trip is hosted by a Swedish woman who grew in the region and we will exclusively support local women along the way including the restaurant owners, the hotels we stay at and all of the activities we participate in.

What medication do I need to take for a trip to Sweden?

We recommend talking to your doctor to decide what medication and vaccinations you need to get before your trip. You can see the CDC list of recommendations here.

What should I pack for this adventure?

This trip is scheduled to enjoy all of the Arctic’s winter activities so warm clothes are essentials as temperatures will dip into freezing, especially at nights. We recommending layers of thermal clothing and will provide a packing list closer to the date with recommendations.

I am not used to extremely cold conditions, is this trip for me?

Yes, this trip is for everyone, even if you have never seen snow or experienced freezing temperatures. We have scheduled the dates in early April when springtime should bring temperatures above freezing for most of the time. Additionally, our itinerary balances time outside with time indoors so we don’t spend more than 2-3 hours at a time in the snow.

Locals in the Arctic agree that there is no such thing as bad weather, just wrong clothes, and being prepared will make sure you stay warm. Furthermore, many of the hotels, including the Ice Hotel and Arctic Bath Hotel, offer extreme winter clothes, overalls and boots you can borrow for free anytime. Activity providers will also provide technical gear for each experience to ensure you stay warm. We also recommend buying heat pads you can slip into your boots and gloves.

What happens if I get sick?

The prospect of getting sick while alone in a foreign country is daunting, and this is why we require all our guests have comprehensive travel and medical insurance that includes international evacuation. Should you fall sick, we will escort you to the nearest medical facility so you can get the help you need.

What travel and medical insurance should I get?

While the cost of medical healthcare in Sweden is relatively affordable, travel and medical insurance is mandatory to come on our trips and we recommend you get the most comprehensive coverage that includes international evacuation. We recommend checking with an aggregator such as Travel Insurance Master to compare quotes and coverages.

Can I make various instalments for this trip?

Our payment plan includes 2 instalments: a 30% payment to secure your spot, and the remaining 70% payment 90 days before the trip. You can make any partial payment between the 30% and the 70%.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes payments can be made by credit card (additional fee of 3%) or by wire transfer.