Refer a friend

Telling a friend about our amazing trips can pay off!

To thank you for spreading the word about Solo Female Travelers and our tours, we offer an Ambassador program which rewards you and your friend with a one-time $50 / 50 EUR or £50 for any new booking with us.

How the Ambassador program works

  • Tell all your friends, family and acquaintances about our trips, show them photos, share the experience, we are sure that this will be enough to get them wanting to come.
  • Once they are ready to book, make sure they mention your full name (name and surname) on the booking form, under the field that asks “Where did you hear about us?”.
  • We will reach out if your name is mentioned by any new booking and credit the $50 / 50 EUR or £50 to any existing booking you have, or keep it for your next booking.
  • If you want to apply unused referral credit to a new booking, just reach out to us via email to let us know.

Rules of the program

  • You have to have traveled with us first before you can become an Ambassador, but you don’t need to have a trip booked with us, you can accumulate the credit for any future trips.
  • You and your friend don’t have to travel on the same tour to earn the credit.
  • The referral credit will be awarded to the Ambassador when the guest who was referred pays the balance in full and it will be valid for 12 months.
  • The referral credit will be awarded to the guest who was referred a maximum of 2 weeks after the new booking was made.
  • There is no limit to the number of referrals you can earn credit for as an Ambassador, but you can only redeem a maximum of $200 / 200 EUR or £200 per single booking. This discount cannot be added to other promotions you may have booked under.
  • Referrals are a one-time reward, you cannot refer the same person twice, and they cannot be referred by more than one Ambassador.
  • In case of cancellation of a booking, any referral credit that was applied to that booking will be lost.