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SFT Tours is a 120,000+ strong community of brave, fearless and independent women with a shared passion for travel. We love to travel solo, though sometimes it’s safer, cheaper, and far more fun, to travel with like-minded women, together.

We organize small group women-only tours to destinations which are considered more challenging for women to travel on their own. We focus on immersive, off-the-beaten-path experiences, from luxury expeditions to Antarctica, and visiting the pyramids of Ancient Sudan, to fire and ice in Iceland, Gorilla trekking in Rwanda & Uganda, and immersive food experiences from a private Villa in the heart of Tuscany.

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Everywhere we go, our guides are local, our itineraries immersive, and we eliminate the single supplement by pairing you with another Solo Female Traveler. We design exciting trips, balanced with plenty of free time and lazy lunches, and we believe in one of a kind experiences that get under the skin of a destination.

Staying true to our values of female empowerment, and using tourism as a force for good, we support female owned / focused / led businesses and will partner with companies who align with our mission to empower women and make a positive local impact. We do our best to work directly with the local communities so the cost of your trip goes to the people who make it extraordinary. We don’t believe in bringing a foreign guide from outside a community to run our tours; you will meet and be guided by local women and get to know the place through them.

Come solo or bring a female friend, partner, mother or daughter.

Meet other women, build friendships, make memories.

Our Origins

Created in 2015, Solo Female Travelers was the first Facebook Group for women who travel solo, and in a short 6 years, has become a global movement; an international community of over 120,000 women, from 100 countries around the world.

As the group grew, one of the most common questions our members asked was around finding someone to travel with; traveling solo is an enriching and empowering experience, but sometimes it’s even more enriching to have a like-minded travel buddy; some-one to split the costs, share the experience, and make new friends with.

In May of 2020, we launched Solo Female Travelers Connection – a sub-group specifically designed for members of our community seeking travel buddies or meet ups with other Solo Female Travelers. In less than a year it grew to over 10,000 members.

What Women Want

In December 2020, 5,000 women took part in the first Solo Female Travel Trends Survey, to shed more light on the solo female travel experience. This became the largest, most comprehensive and only global research study on solo female travel trends, preferences and behaviors published, and we learned a lot about what women want.

  • We learned that 73% of women traveling solo worry about their safety, even experienced solo travelers do (64%). This is a universal concern across geography and age groups.
  • We learned that beyond safety, solo female travelers most worry about the higher costs of traveling solo due to single supplements charged (47%), of getting lost (27%) or of feeling lonely (25%). Removing single supplements was the number one request from solo female travelers to the travel industry, and 10% of the respondents mentioned this in an unprompted question.
  • We learned that small group trips help women overcome their safety and financial concerns to travel solo, and half of the women who have not traveled solo yet would be more likely to do so in a group tour, particularly if it is a women-only group tour.

At this point, it was a no-brainer. Small women-only group trips have major potential among women for the safe space they provide and the option to share a room with another traveler and reduce the cost per person. They tackle all concerns and worries of women traveling solo and are a great way for them to dip their toes into the world of solo travel, and to meet people without the stigma of being alone.

And with that, SFT Tours was born.

Meet The Founders

Our team is led by international travel bloggers Mar Pages and Meg Jerrard who met at a conference in 2015 and have stayed friends ever since.

They are both experienced travel bloggers who have had their toes in the industry since 2013/14, and have traveled extensively solo, as well as with friends, with family and with our significant others. Combined, they have visited 150 + countries across all 7 continents (Meg has been to Antarctica, and has personally chosen our three group expedition itineraries!) and their blogs are read more than 600,000 times every month.

Both Meg and Mar have personally curated each itinerary, together with our local guides, based on places they know very well and have been to many times (Meg met her husband on Tanzania safari, back in 2010 when she was taking the same itinerary solo that we’re offering now!).

About Mar

Mar is an ex- strategy consultant and Googler turned online entrepreneur.

She is the founder and editor of Once in a Lifetime Journey, a luxury and out of the ordinary travel blog that specialises in exclusive hotels, unique destinations and the least visited countries.

She also founded a boutique digital consulting practice where she consults and advises travel businesses on social, influencer and digital marketing practices.

Mar has visited over 115 countries and is on a quest to visit them all.

She often travels on her own to unknown destinations that are hard to find on a map.

About Meg

Meg is an Australian Journalist and founder and editor of Mapping Megan, a niche adventure travel blog with a focus on cultural immersion, authentic discovery and incredible journeys. She visits off the beaten path destinations to cover corners of the globe which still remain relatively undiscovered.

Having visited 100+ countries across all seven continents, Megan has accumulated a wealth of knowledge about what the world has to offer. She started traveling solo at 18, and continues to take solo trips, despite now being married (she met her husband Mike on Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania).

A professional content creator, Meg’s travel writing has been widely published and acknowledged by publications such as National Geographic, the New York Times, Forbes, and British Airways High Life.

Meet the SFT Team

About Lilian

Lilian is a Mexican Digital Marketing Specialist. She has a B.A. in Advertising and Marketing and loves visual culture, art, music and having a positive impact on people’s lives.

She also started a skincare online store as a side hustle business.

A native traveler, Lilian has been to more than 45 countries and had various international experiences like a year abroad in Florence, a semester in Barcelona, an internship in the Mexican Embassy in Tokyo and a summer studying filmmaking in New York. 

She’s passionate about exploring, doing new things, getting to know places and cultures, and letting those experiences enrich her life and widen her perspective on the world.

About Agustina

Agustina is a content creator and audiovisual artist who has an enormous passion for solo travelling. At 22 years old, right after receiving her bachelor’s degree in Audiovisual Communications, she decided to quit her job and embarked on a 4-year adventure abroad to more than 30 countries.

She has worked and lived abroad in Granada (Spain), Italy, and Barcelona. 

After this journey shaped her profoundly, she decided her goal was to empower other womxn to do the same. Agustina’s professional background includes not only visual arts but also the most diverse work experience including tourism, digital communications, audiovisual productions and even Spanish teaching: she has worked on different international projects, always seeking opportunities that would open her horizons to new mindsets, lifestyles and cultures. 

Meet The Guides

Our trips are led by our all-female team of local guides who are the heart of SFT Tours.

Between Glory, who was one of the first female mountain guides on Kilimanjaro (and remains one of the very few), Breanna, who leads our motorbike tours across Mongolia, Arianna, who was born and raised in Tuscany and takes our guests on a culinary and cultural journey through the Italian countryside, and the rest of our great female guides, these superstar women are what make our trips so special.

About Glory

Glory Thobias Salema is one of the very few female guides in Tanzania and was recognised as the Best Female Guide by Tanzania National Park Authority (TANAPA) in 2017, 2018 and 2019 and received awards from Mr. Kigwangala, Tanzania’s Minister of Tourism and Natural Resources.

Glory can not only take you on safari but also to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro being one of only 6 female guides (out of over 2,500).

She is passionate about empowering women and girls in tourism and founded the Tanzania Women Guides Foundation, an NGO focused on connecting women to opportunities in tourism so the future generations are more gender balanced.

About Breanna

Saga Líf was born and raised in Iceland and has been working as a guide for the last 6 years, most recently focusing on women only trips via her adventure company.

She loves to connect travel with wellness, adventures, empowerment, music, team building and of course the breathtaking nature that Iceland has to offer.

Saga is passionate about the outdoors and has explored her country extensively. Introducing Iceland to solo female travelers gives her great joy and she is ready to show you its best parts through our fabulous itinerary.

Besides being a very knowledgeable guide, Saga is also an experienced driver (very important in Iceland!), a trekking and glacier guide and a wilderness First Responder so you are not only going to be inspired but also in very good hands.

About Diba

Diba joined ITC Sudan in 2014 managing the boutique shop at the Nubian Rest house of Karima and quickly moved on to become the assistant manager of the Rest House.

With the increasing demand of English Speaking Diba took on the challenge to become a Cultural English speaking guide, a special step as a Sudanese woman to be leading foreign travellers and dealing with Sudanese male staff (the drivers, cooks etc). She passed the tests with flying colors and has since developed a special curiosity towards her country history, ancient culture and traditions, the same curiosity that still now pushes Diba to never stop reading: history, archaeology, mythology, ancient and modern Sudanese traditions.

About Arianna

Arianna was born and raised in Tuscany and together with her husband Alessio, they love to take guests on a culinary, cultural and oenological journey through Tuscany.

They started offering private exclusive trips through Tuscany following the principles of Slow Travel and Proximity food and will open the doors to their friend’s homes to you.

Let her show you everything there is within a 50km radius from our home in Tuscany and live like a real local. Be ready to be charmed by their friendliness and warmth.

About Katesi

Katesi holds a bachelor’s degree in science and accounting and graduated from Ndejje University. Prior to starting her job in the tourism industry she spent 4 years working in accounting.

Determined to contribute to her local community, Katesi took several tourism courses and got her driving licence. 

Her confidence in driving both manual and automatic vehicles around some of the roughest African roads and muddy Ugandan national parks has given her the strength to tackle many challenges in life. It is through this resilience that she found the passion and courage to become one of only a few Ugandan female safari guides. As a single mother, her tourism job is helping Katesi raise her two children and take care of her siblings and parents. 

Katesi was born and bred in Uganda and she belongs to the Munyankole tribe which she will be happy to tell you more about. She is fluent in English, Luganda and Runyankole and is excited to show you the beauty of “the pearl of Africa” and take you on an African wildlife journey that you will never forget.

About Erin

Based in Italy, Erin founded EAT.PRAY.MOVE 10 years ago and still leads nearly almost all of her own retreats.

She made her first trip to Italy in her early 20’s, and like many, fell in love with the country. It immediately felt like home, and she made a permanent move in 2015, setting up a base near Florence.

Erin is a qualified yoga instructor, having practiced since 1998 and trained in various disciplines from Ashtanga, the Rocket series, core power yoga, as well as the Strala method. She also incorporates practices from the yin, restorative, and yoga nidra styles.

Teaching in studios in Florida, New York City, and Florence, Italy, Erin has also taught thousands of guests around the world for close to 10 years on yoga retreats.

She loves sharing not only the asana (movement) limb of yoga with others, but also the many other facets which lead to life-changing shifts in our daily habits.

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