Croatia & Montenegro Summer Road Trip

Dubrovnik – Peljesak Peninsula – Kotor – Perast – Sveti Stefan – Przno – Budva – Beach Club – Winery Visit

Enjoy the summer life along the Adriatic coast of Croatia and Montenegro in style. Visit coves, exclusive beaches and clubs, islands, national parks, bays and walled towns as we indulge in the perfect seaside holiday with a dash of luxury.

Highlights: Walking tours of Dubrovnik, Kotor, Budva and Ston | Winery visit in Peljesac Peninsula | Boat transfers | Fashionable beach club | Hiking and nature | Private tour and sun loungers at iconic Aman Sveti Stefan | Sea-facing hotels | Fabulous vistas

No single supplements* | 14 spots | Luxury 5 Star hotels

*Prices per person, we pair you with another traveler, or you can upgrade to have your own room


Trip Overview

  • 28 May to 4 Jun, 2023 – SOLD OUT – Join Waitlist
  • 16 to 23 Jun, 2024 – Coming soon!

Nika Drobnič, our local Host

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 : Arrive in Dubrovnik

Make your way from the airport to the hotel for check in.

We will meet before sunset for a welcome drink at the hotel where you can get to know the rest of the guests. We’ll then go for a short walk over to a local restaurant for dinner with local wines and proximity and seasonal Croatian produce.

Inclusions: Welcome dinner with drinks and overnight at More Hotel.

Overnight at More Hotel 5*

We like More Hotel because it is a very convenient 5 star hotel located on the shore with fabulous sea views and within walking distance to the city.

Its private pier means we can jump directly onto our private boat for our excursions, and its pools are a fabulous way to welcome you to Croatia.

Did we mention we have booked sea-facing balcony rooms for our stay? So you can take all the sea breeze in and start the days in style.

Tip: If you land early in the morning, laze by the pool or lounge and get into the holiday mood.



Day 2: Dubrovnik

We will start the day with breakfast by the sea from the hotel’s restaurant before heading off to explore Croatia’s most famous city, Dubrovnik.

Our morning will be spent on a guided walking tour of the UNESCO-listed walled city, a gem on the Adriatic Sea.

We will wander the narrow pedestrian streets of the 9th century fortified old city led by our local host, Nika.

She will tell us of its thriving past and its history, first as part of the Venetian Republic, later on as a free-trade enclave, as part of Napoleonic Italy and eventually, as the Yugoslavian Federation until the Croatia War of Independence in 1991.

Dubrovnik’s interest lies in its rich heritage, its picturesque walls, stone houses, cobblestone streets and the many view points from which to enjoy the red roofs against the deep blue sea.

Reconstructed several times because of war damage and earthquakes, today’s Dubrovnik is a combination of old preserved structures and renovated buildings.

With less than 50,000 inhabitants and countless Hollywood productions, the walled town can be really packed with visitors especially in the peak summer months.

After a walking tour, we will enjoy a local lunch in the Old Town. You will then have the afternoon free to explore on your own.

This is a great opportunity for shopping if that’s on your wish list, for walking the city walls or to scout some of the famous Game of Thrones locations.

Pro tip: If you prefer to watch the world go by and sit by the shore, try one of the cliff bars such as famous and casual Buza II which has great views, or next door Azur for a fusion Mediterranean-Asian lunch.

We will meet again before sunset for a hike up to a viewpoint over Dubrovnik from where we will see the sun go down the horizon with a cocktail in hand.

We’ll go back down on the cable car and have free time to find a great dinner spot for one last local meal in Croatia’s most iconic and photographed city.

Nika will have a reservation for dinner at a restaurant near the hotel if you wish to join her. Otherwise, the night is young and you can return to the hotel whenever you like.

Inclusions: Breakfast at the hotel, walking tour of Dubrovnik, lunch, pre-dinner cocktail, cable car down.

Overnight at More Hotel.

Day 3 : Beach Club & Boat Tour

Wake up to wonderful views over the Adriatic Sea once again and pinch yourself, you’re in Croatia and it’s not a dream!

After a “late-ish” breakfast, we will make full use of the summer temperatures and holiday life to enjoy a full day of sea, sun and sand.

Directly from the pier at our hotel, we will jump on our private boat for a glam ride to one of the fashionable beach clubs that dot the coast and islands of the south Dalmatian coast.

Nothing says summertime like music and a cocktail, preferably with an umbrella, surrounded by beautiful people and summer vibes, and we couldn’t show you the best of Croatia without at least day spent by the beach.

We have reserved sun loungers for you to chill, suntan, read a book or have a swim in the turquoise sea, listen to music or anything else that your heart desires.

You will have free time this morning and until after lunch time to enjoy the club’s facilities and have lunch if you get peckish.

In the afternoon, we will jump back again on our private boat for a tour of Dubrovnik’s Old Town from the water, a different perspective to what you are used to.

The boat tour will follow the city walls and fortress and go all the way to Lokrum Island to complete a day we have enjoyed at sea.

We will then return to the hotel to freshen up, relax and enjoy a bit of free time before meeting again for dinner with sea views at the hotel.

Inclusions: Breakfast at the hotel, private boat hire to the beach club, sun loungers, boat tour of Old Town, dinner a the hotel.

Overnight at More Hotel.

Day 4 : Peljesak Peninsula – Hiking, Winery and Ston

The day will start early with a wonderful breakfast by the sea to get into the right mood for a day in the countryside exploring an area of Croatia that is not as well known and touristed.

After breakfast, we will set off to Peljesak Peninsula, a strategic area in the Dalmatian coast with a fascinating past in wine trade, salt production, and shellfish farming, all of which we will learn more about today.

In contrast with the well trodded streets of Dubrovnik, Peljesak Peninsula will feel bucolic and almost forgotten, were it not for the abundant vineyards that bear fruit to the age old tradition of making wines, including a local sparkling wine inherited from Napoleonic times.

On our way, we will stop at various scenic spot to admire the view and the rustic coast in this part of the country and go on to visit a winery for wine tasting and traditional lunch.

NOTE: Lunch will be at a traditional farm to table family run restaurant which cures meats. This means that ham legs and sausages hang from the ceiling.

Croatian wines are rarely found outside the country (though this is changing) but the soil and climate coupled with the long tradition in wine product (albeit interrupted during Yugoslavian times), means you are bound to be positively surprised with the native grape varieties.

We will then continue exploring the rest of the island with various stops along the way as we drive towards the fortified village of Ston.

Ston has been spared by the many earthquakes that have hit this part of the coast and which almost destroyed Dubrovnik and this will be obvious as you walk the small streets.

A unique feature of the village is its long defensive walls that are some of the longest structures of its kind in Europe and were built to protect the salt pans.

These are the oldest salt pans in Europe and were first exploited by the Romans in the 2nd century BC. It is the wealth that came from salt trade harvested from Ston that propelled the Dubrovnik Republic in the 14th century.

The pans are still in use today and produce salt in the traditional way, through the natural process of crystallization that happens across 9 pools named after saints during the summer months.

Unlikely in Dubrovnik, life here goes by at a more gentle and slow pace, a laid back atmosphere we will fully enjoy.

After a visit to the village and some free time, we will share a dinner of local produce at a scenic medieval traditional seafood restaurant before driving back to Dubrovnik.

Inclusions: Breakfast at the hotel, transportation to and from Peljesac Peninsula, winery visit with tasting, lunch, walking tour of Ston and dinner.

Overnight at More Hotel.

Day 5 : Perast and Kotor

Today we will cross the border into Montenegro for the second part of this trip.

After breakfast, we will jump in our minivan and drive towards the border where immigration procedures should be quick.

Already on Montenegrin soil, we will make our way to the pretty village of Perast, right on the Bay of Kotor, where our stunning hotel is.

Our drive will take two hours and will snake along the coast, right by the water’s edge, showing us how stunning Montenegro’s landscapes of mountains meeting the sea are.

We will check into our wonderful hotel and enjoy lunch at one of the seaside restaurants with a bit of free time to explore quaint Perast.

Perast is a lovely pedestrian-only fishing village turned tourist hotspot and one of the most picturesque spots on the Adriatic coast.

Filled with palaces, churches and old mansions, the village has an air of nobility and class hard to match anywhere else. And because of its sandwiched location below the main road, it has not fallen prey to unruly development and has kept its medieval feel.

The village was part of the Byzantine Empire, the Venetian Republic, the Austro-Hungarian Empire and finally part of Yugoslavia from the end of WWI with a brief period during WWII under Italian rule.

We will base ourselves here during our time in Montenegro and soak it all in. When day tourists leave, Perast becomes a relaxed village that is the perfect holiday spot.

After lunch we will meet again for a short boat ride to the small island where Our Lady of the Rocks church stands.

This picturesque and beautiful baby blue roofed church was built on an artificial island created by the local fishermen who used to drop rocks on the specific spot every time they passed by.

Legend has it that this spot is where an image of the Virgin was found and where two brothers promised they would build a church.

The practice of dropping stones has not yet been abandoned and every year, on the 22nd July in an event called fašinada, local fishermen commemorate the occasion by contributing to the island’s foundations.

Our Lady of the Rocks was originally an Orthodox church converted into Catholicism when the area fell under Venetian control and you need to cover up to visit it inside.

Pro tip: Don’t miss out on the famous tapestry inside the church’s museum which was weaved by a local blind woman over 25 years with gold and silver threads.

After the church visit, we will return to land by boat and head over to nearby Kotor for a walking tour of Montenegro’s most famous city.

Kotor is another fortified village surrounded by defensive walls and strategically located at the mouth of the Bay of Kotor in truly picture-perfect surroundings.

After Dubrovnik, Kotor will feel like the quieter little brother that escaped Game of Thrones fame but not the cruise ship notoriety. When a cruise docks, you will feel it in the street crowds but as soon as they depart, the city becomes remarkably peaceful.

Kotor is small and maze-like; the entirely pedestrian old town is made of a collection of narrow alleys that snake through churches, old mansions and tourist shops.

Nika will take us on a walking tour of this quaint village that seems to come right out of a medieval movie set.

After the tour, you will have some free time to explore on your own, head over to one of the rooftops for a drink, do some shopping, walk the walls or get lost in the fairytale old town. Don’t worry, you can’t really get lost in Kotor!

Your evening will be free for dinner on your own time, but we will provide some suggestions for our favorite restaurants and wine bars.

Pro tip: Don’t miss out on the many great local wines at Old Winery Wine Bar where you can sample Montenegrin wines by the glass in tavern setting.

After dinner, we will drive back to Perast.

Inclusions: Breakfast at the hotel, transportation, lunch, boat ride to Our Lady of the Rocks, walking tour of Kotor.

Overnight at Heritage Grand Perast 5*

We completely fell in love with this 5* hotel from the moment it embarked on its full renovation of the 18th century palace it is housed in, the largest in Perast.

The Heritage Grand Perast is a stunning hotel and has everything for a stylish luxury vacation.

It is sea facing, it has a small but exclusive private pool, fabulous sun loungers, and a full spa. It also occupies a privileged location right in the middle of the village and mere meters from the water.

The main problem will be convincing you to leave!



Day 6 : Kotor Fortress & Budva

We will enjoy an early breakfast at our fabulous hotel before setting off for our active morning climbing up to Kotor’s Fortress before the crowds and the heat are in full force.

St. John’s Fortress, originally called the Fortress of San Giovanni, is the most well known of all the things to do in Kotor and a must see attraction for any visitor.

You can’t visit Kotor and not get up to the fortress for a panoramic view of the bay and fjords below which is why we make sure to devote a morning to this.

The path uphill is steep and about 1.2km long, snaking up 1,350 steps (yes, we counted them!) for a total elevation of 260m above sea level, and this is the best way to work up an appetite for lunch and burn off all the yum cheese and cold cuts that Croatia and Montenegro are known for.

While the ascent is relatively easy and semi paved with large cobblestones, you do need to be relatively fit, or take lots of breaks, which is easy since there are plenty of places for a stop to admire Kotor’s pretty streets below.

At the top, we’ll find the castle point dedicated to St. Ivan and built in the 14th to the 15th century.

Not much of the castle and the various parts of the fortification remains and only the ruins can be visited but the views, coupled with the ancient walls, make for a very scenic morning.

After the hike, we will descend back where you can grab what you desire for lunch, with a bit of time to take any last shots or cuddle the many cute cats found on the streets of Kotor.

Our afternoon will be spent further south along the coast on the next most famous city in Montenegro, tourist-friendly and photogenic Budva.

On the way, we will be fascinated by the stunning coastal views and the zigzagging coast and stop for pictures.

The red roof fortified old town of Budva is practically taken off a fairytale with its cobblestone streets and thick stone walls protecting it against the lapping waves and invading armies.

Unlike Kotor, Budva is fully embracing the beach life and the old town walls are surrounded by a thriving marina and a sun lounger-filled beach that is packed in the summer months.

Budva was a Greek settlement in the 4th century BC, became part of the Roman Empire two centuries later and of the Byzantine Empire in the 6th century. It was subsequently occupied, sacked and attacked in the centuries that followed by Avars, Saracens and Slavs.

Finally, in the 13th century, stability arrived when Budva became the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Budva and remained as such until the 19th century.

During that period, the city was under the rule of the Republic of Venice which erected the city’s fortified walls to protect it from the constant Ottoman attacks, like in the rest of Montenegro.

With the fall of the Venetian empire, Budva was briefly under Napoleon’s rule until it was ceded to the Austrian Empire in 1813 who controlled it until WWI. After the war, the country became part of Yugoslavia.

When you visit Budva what you can see is the renovated old Medieval Venetian city which was restored to its former glory after the 1979 earthquake.

Entering through the main gate, Porta di Terra Ferma, which has the shield of the Venetian Republic on the top, you are immediately taken into a mesh of streets.

We will go on a walking tour of the old town with Nika and then enjoy free time to do some shopping, take photos or simply wander the streets.

The city is roughly orthogonal (shaped in right angles) and you can use the sea as the reference point.

Pro Tip: Don’t miss out on the ballerina statue that is located by the sea on the path that leads from Ricardova Glava beach towards hidden Mogren Beach.

We will meet again for dinner before returning to Perast.

Inclusions: Breakfast at the hotel, transportation to Kotor, Budva and back, entry to the fortress, walking tour of Budva, dinner.

Overnight at Iberostar Heritage Grand Perast.

Day 7 : Porto Montenegro & Spa day

Today we will be living the high life in Montenegro’s most exclusive development, the newly opened and, might we add, super stylish Porto Montenegro Marina.

We will drive to this playground of the rich and famous, where super yacht owners berth their floating palaces, for a well deserved massage and spa time at one of the country’s most upscale wellness complexes.

Our program will include access to the indoor and outdoor Venetian inspired spa and pool areas as well as a massage.

Take a plunge in the 20-metre indoor or outdoor infinity pool, or lounge on a sunbed while taking in panoramic views of the marina and scenic Boka Bay.

There will be free time to enjoy the views over the Adriatic Sea and do some last shopping at the many luxury stores in the marina.

After a long week of sightseeing, hiking, walking on cobblestone streets and packed days, we will devote today to pampering, relaxing and making sure you go back home the next day feeling you actually had a holiday.

Porto Montenegro is located by the city of Tivat and has incredible views over the Bay of Kotor.

Its Platinum super yacht status attracts the largest and most stunning yachts in the world. If you fancy a short walk along the marina’s largest berths, you can spot the most famous floating hotels.

After our self-care day, we will return to Perast for our farewell dinner at the hotel’s beautiful restaurant.

Inclusions: Breakfast at the hotel, transportation to Porto Montenegro marina, spa access and massage, farewell dinner with wine.

Day 8 : Departure

We will wake up for one last breakfast at our fabulous hotel before being dropped off either at Dubrovnik’s airport or at Tivat’s airport nearby in Mongenegro (there will be one drop off at each airport, so you can choose from which you depart from).

Inclusions: Breakfast at the hotel, transfer back to Dubrovnik or Tivat airport.

About Your Host, Nika

Nika was bitten by a travel bug from a young age when her mother, who worked in the travel industry, took her on “girls only” trips. She continued exploring on her own in her late teens and has so far been to around 50 countries on 5 continents. 

She has lived and worked in the USA and Italy and has always had jobs which involved traveling or working from different locations . Six years ago Nika decided to become her own boss and focus primarily on the travel industry.

Since then, she’s worked as a freelance guide for a couple of international companies and created many custom made tours and retreats. 

There is nothing more powerful than travel – the knowledge and the skills you get after each trip become part of you so you continually upgrade and discover new layers of yourself.

Our 1st departure at the end of May 2023 will also be accompanied by our Co-Founder, Mar Pages.


✔️ 7 Nights in shared twin accommodation in luxury 5* hotels, we pair you with another traveler so you don’t have to pay a single supplement

✔️ All stops as mentioned on the itinerary including entry tickets where required

✔️ Sun loungers at beach club in Croatia and at Aman Sveti Stefan

✔️ Walking tours of Dubrovnik, Ston, Kotor and Budva. Private tour of Sveti Stefan

✔️ 7 Breakfasts, 3 lunches, 5 dinners

✔️ Welcome and farewell dinners with wine, cocktail at view point in Dubrovnik, winery visit and wine tasting.

✔️ Transportation to and between all activities in a minibus or boat

✔️ Drop off at the airport in Dubrovnik (allow 3h drive) or Tivat (approx. 1h)

✔️ Local female certified guide / host and local driver


✘ 4 Lunches and 2 dinners (budget $100-$150 USD total)

✘ Alcoholic drinks at meals unless specified in the inclusions (eg. Welcome and Farewell dinners, winery visit, pre-diner cocktail in Dubrovnik)

✘ Transportation from airport to hotel in Dubrovnik on arrival day

✘ Visa, if required

✘ Travel & Medical Insurance (Required)

✘ COVID Vaccinations Pre Arrival (Required)

✘ Optional activities not included in the program

✘ Souvenirs

✘ Tips for the Host (at your discretion, suggested 10-20 EUR per day)

✘ Departure COVID Testing if required

Payment Info

$4,195 USD

Credit card payments carry a 3% surcharge. Wire transfer details are available via email: community@solofemaletravelers.club.

Payment Plan:

  • Deposit: 30% to reserve your spot
  • Balance payment due 90 days before departure

*Payments are non refundable, including the initial deposit to reserve your spot. Should the the trip not reach the minumum number of travelers required, you can choose to have your deposit refunded or put towards another departure.

By joining our trips you agree to our T&C. As trips are non refundable we recommend taking out travel insurance as soon as you reserve your spot.

The Solo Female Travelers difference – What makes us unique

All our tours follow the same values and philosophy that makes us who we are which you can find here. In Croatia and Montenegro, two things set us apart from others: Our luxury accommodation, and the unique combination of sightseeing and exclusive experiences at / by the sea..

We will be staying right by the sea in both countries in 4 and 5-star hotels that we have hand-picked, so you know they’ll be fabulous.

The itinerary includes a mix of time outdoors in nature and by / at sea as well as taking in all the history and beautiful villages that make this part of Europe so unique, all in personally curated and elevated experiences.

How to Book

This trip will only host 14 guests so don’t wait; Book now by selecting the date and the package then clicking on the Book button, or reach out to us with any questions by booking a time to chat live via video call. Note: Please do not book any flights until the trip is confirmed.

Important: The nature of this trip requires a medium level of fitness and the many gastronomic experiences included make vegan diets difficult to accommodate, so please reach out to us via email (community@solofemaletravelers.club) before booking if you have any dietary or mobility requirements.

May 28 – June 4 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a trip of a lifetime and we know there are many things you’d like to know more about. If you have any questions not answered on this page, please email us at community@solofemaletravelers.club. We reply within 48 hours, 7 days a week.

What are the COVID measures in Croatia and in Montenegro and how will you ensure everyone is safe?

We care deeply about the wellbeing of our guests and our trip follows all local regulations. We require our guests to be fully vaccinated to join the tour so that we ensure the safety of everyone on the trip.

Those entering Croatia from an EU member state will not be required to show any vaccination certificate of EU COVID certificate. EU citizens, EU long term residents or non-EU citizens entering from non-EU countries, will need to show EU Digital COVID certificate, a negative PCR or ART test or an accepted proof of vaccination as per EU rules or proof of having recovered from COVID plus one dose of the vaccine. Detailed Croatian entry requirements can be found here.

To enter Montenegro, valid proof of vaccination and booster if the last done was more than 6 months prior to entry is required to avoid isolation. Should this information change between now and the departure date, we will keep you updated.

What if I cannot travel because of COVID restrictions?

Balances are not refundable if you change your mind. In case travel restrictions imposed by the local Governments force the cancellation of the trip we will move it to a later date. We require all guests to purchase travel insurance that covers unforeseen circumstances which would prevent them from traveling, and this is how you would recover your costs from needing to cancel.  Travel Insurance Masters is a great comparison tool you can use to compare policies and coverages. Please read our Terms and conditions here.

Do I need a visa for Croatia or Montenegro?

Most travelers do not need a visa for either of the two countries. Note that Croatia and Montenegro are not part of the Schengen zone despite Croatia is part of the EU and Montenegro is a candidate. Check your visa requirements on iVisa.

What is included in the trip?

All inclusions and exclusions are detailed in the section above. All activities are included unless you book them yourself during the free time. Most meals are also included with some exceptions as listed above. Alcoholic beverages are not included except for wine during our wine tasting, and drinks during the Welcome and Farewell meals.

How fit do I need to be for this trip?

There will be a lot of walking on uneven surfaces and cobblestone streets during this trip, in addition to hiking in Lokrum and up the fortress above Kotor. You should expect to walk 10,000 to 15,000 steps a day. Thus, an average level of fitness is required to partake in all the activities listed.

Can I have a room to myself?

All costs above are considered on a sharing basis with two guests per room in twin bedding; we will pair you with another solo female traveler on the trip. If you wish to have your own room, a single supplement of $1,200 applies.

I want to bring my partner to the trip

This is a female-only small group trip specifically designed for women traveling on their own. If you wish to travel with a female friend, partner, family member, etc. they are absolutely welcome, however we are not able to book male travelers on this trip.

I want to bring my daughter

How wonderful! If your daughter is above the age of 16, we will be glad to have her with us.

Will the guides be female?

Yes, this trip will be hosted by Nika Drobnič. Our driver may be male.

How does this trip help local communities in Croatia and Montenegro?

We believe that travel can be a force for good and wherever possible, we work with local, female or family owned travel companies in the country who can help us make a difference and ensure that the tourism dollars benefit local communities.

What medication do I need to take for this trip?

Croatia and Montenegro have good healthcare systems and you do not need to get any special vaccines or medication to visit. However, it is a good idea to visit your doctor and get refreshers for vaccines such as tetanus and to make sure that you carry all your medicines and prescribed drugs as well as the official prescriptions from your doctor which you may be asked to show at the border.

What should I pack for this adventure?

As the trip gets closer, we will share a packing list with recommendations on what to bring and wear. As this is a trip that takes place at the beginning and end of the summer season, you should expect lot of sun, sea breeze and heat, thus packing for flowy and cool clothings is advisable. Don’t forget your swimming suit!

What happens if I get sick?

The prospect of getting sick while alone in a foreign country is daunting, and this is why we require all our guests have comprehensive travel and medical insurance that includes international evacuation. Should you fall sick, we will escort you to the nearest medical facility so you can get the help you need.

What travel and medical insurance should I get?

While the cost of medical healthcare in Croatia and Montenegro may be more affordable than in countries such as the US, travel and medical insurance is mandatory to come on our trips and we recommend you get the most comprehensive coverage that includes international evacuation. We recommend checking with an aggregator such as Travel Insurance Master to compare quotes and coverages.

Can I make various instalments for this trip?

Please reach out to us to us to discuss payment in instalments.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, payments will be made via credit card when you book a spot.