A trip to Antarctica is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we want to make sure you pick the right itinerary of the 3 that we propose:

On this page you’ll find a comparison of all the 3 trips o you have all the details to make the perfect choice.

Summary of highlights

Classic Antarctica

Perfect for: Shorter trip to see Antarctica’s highlights in a more affordable way.

Go earlier in the season to see more untouched ice and larger icebergs, as wildlife have not built nests and trampled on the pristine ice yet. There is a greater chance for photography thanks to the golden hour sunrise and sunset which is not there later in the season.

Penguins will be mating and building nests but will not have chicks yet. Seals will be basking on the sun, returning to the ice, and whales may be found breaching, though that is hard to see throughout.

Go later in the season to see little chicks and whales, which are are easier to find when the weather is warmer. Temperatures are also higher at this time and the icebergs have broken off and partially melted.

Antarctica and Crossing The Circle

Perfect for: Those who are keen to tick off a bucket list experience and spend more time on Antarctica while seeing some of the more remote, unexplored and rarely visited parts of the peninsula and don’t mind a ship that is less fancy.

The Antarctica and Crossing The Circle expedition is later in the season by default because the passages are only available once the icecap has melted and the ships can pass. That means wildlife will already have chicks and whales are easier to find.

The itinerary heads further south, to remote and untouched parts of Antarctica and you will have the chance to see larger icebergs and more virgin sea ice, in addition to the bucket list experience of crossing the Antarctic Circle.

The dates for this trip means the weather will be warmer and that the expedition happens during the days of Midnight sun where the sun shines all day long.

Antarctica and South Georgia

Perfect for: Those who are fine spending a few days at sea because they love wildlife, have a fascination for penguins and birds and want to get up close and personal with the unique experience of large colonies, and don’t mind a ship that is less fancy.

This trip is the chance to see large penguin and bird colonies in what is considered the Galapagos of the Polar Regions. Explore two completely different eco-systems and one of the least visited places in the world.

The huge colonies and long breeding cycle of penguins mean there is a chance to see penguins of all ages, from chicks to adults, and their curiosity never fails to surprise with inquisitive eyes and chance encounters.

Which Trip Interests You?